The best dark web links and dark web sites links in 2021

By | February 13, 2021

The dark web is a part of the internet site that has been hidden from the rest of the world. most people are familiar with the three major search engines that are:-

  1. Google has the largest market shares.

2. Yahoo

  1. Bing 


These three search engines are indexed by the authority. So, everything has been archived and checked by security intelligence. So, stay anonymous is quite impossible. But there is another part of the internet that is huge and monstrous. That is called the Dark Web. Security specialists cannot track people and their location, address. But to stay anonymous on the dark web some links or sites are used. They are called layered internet. Now we will discuss the links or sites by whom you can access the dark web.


Using the dark web is not illegal. Because many people especially security intelligence use the dark web for their protection. The detectives communicate through the dark web to give sensitive information regarded to the country’s security. And many writers and journalists use the dark web to keep them anonymous. Otherwise, they can be kidnapped or killed. Many atom bomb’s information is kept to the dark web to keep them safe and stored. Here are the most popular and trustworthy links or sites that you can use on the dark web.


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  1. Dark Web Drug Link: 


Most of the time the dark web is used for illegal activities. And drug dealing or drug smuggling is one of the most undergrounded illegal work done on the dark web. A statistic found that most people use the dark web to purchase drugs. As there is no system of tracking, people can talk, chat even make a video call on the dark web. A drug empire has been established in the dark web.


  • Silk road. Silk Road site has been created to buy and sell drugs openly on the dark web. It had been created in 2011 by Dread pirate Roberts. And it was a multibillion-dollar business on the dark web. Most people used this dark website to purchase the drug and sell the drugs. But the creator of the silk road founder had been arrested by the FBI and the FBI closed the site. In 2013 this site there were a thousand products available on the silk road. And 70% of them were a drug.  from 2012 February to July 2012 over 30-million-dollar drugs had been sold through the silk road. And after the attempt of the FBI, this site has been shut down in 2013.


  • After shutting down the Silk Road by FBI Silkroad 2.0 had been launched for drug dealing, smuggling, and selling. It was launched in November 2o13 but it also shut down on 20 December 2013.


  • Agora:


agora was created in 2013, after shutting down the silk road and silk road 2.0. it also became the hot cake for drug dealers. And most of the time it was used. Then it also shut down in 2015. Before shut down, it became the underdog drug market.


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Alphabay is another darknet marketplace that had been launched for drug dealing after shutting down of Silkroad, agora. It had been created in 2014 and amazingly within 90 days, alphabay visitors were over 14ooo people.  it was running in a good position. In October 2015 the alphabay had been regarded as the biggest online marketplace in drug dealing and smuggling. By October 2015 alphabay had over 2ooooo users. Like all dark web market place, alphabay was operated by cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In 2016 13000 hidden messages from alphabay had been leaked and the users’ names also surfaced. Then in 2017 January over 20000 messages of the previous month had been leaked. For that reason, it had been shut down in 2017.



nucleus was created in 2015. After opening this market place, it had over 25,000 vendors and buyers. In a single month, over 2 million Dollar drugs were sold. But recently it is disappeared. But no one knows where it has gone.


  • Wallstreet:


Wallstreet is the second-largest darknet online market place for drug dealing and terror financing. Before shutting down over 40 million euros were sold and bought. In 2019 it had been shut down.


Dark Web Search Engines


  • Grams:


Grams is a search engine that is basically made for drug dealing.  you will get every drug-related information on Grams. And the users can easily search for whatever they want on the dark web.  It is not indexed by any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Because there is no authority in the grams search engine. So, people can openly search for drug-related information and they can sell or buy.  the drug is still illegal in most of the country of the world. So, be careful about searching for drugs in Grams.


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Ahmia is a great search engine on the dark web. It is perfect and suitable for the new user on the dark web. This search engine is very easy to use.  within 5 seconds it works.  this search engine is widely used for its easy system. According to Ahmia, Tor is the only network to stay anonymous on the dark web.


  • ParaZite:


most people may think that using the dark web is very difficult. in reality, dark web using is easy. Because using the dark web is not illegal. The only restriction is using the dark web in illegal work is forbidden. In this part, ParaZite is a search engine where people or users can use it with a lot of fun. There is a facility for gambling by using several sites on paraZite. But make sure you are using a VPN in the paraZite. Otherwise, your computer can be hacked.



this search engine is an excellent search engine where all kinds of user information stay anonymous. This is a nonprofit search engine where there are no ads. So, there is no chance of getting spam in the name of ads. And frequently users donate to run this search engine.


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  • Torch:


The torch is one of the biggest and oldest search engines on the dark web. And users will get over 1 million hidden pages here. It is a claim of the Torch authority. This search engine is still providing service on the dark web.



the onion URL Repository claims that they have a massive and huge index of over one-million-page results. And there is no set limit of searching information like this will not work here or that will work. All information is available in the Onion URL Repository.


  • DuckDuckGo: 


most of the search engines like google, Bing use branding itself. And during branding, they give ads by what they track on people taking their personal information, interests, cookies, and location. In this perspective, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that believes in privacy, not in branding or earning. For that reason, DuckDuckGo has become one of the most using search engines in the globe. In DuckDuckGo there is no ad system and no system of tracking people’s personal information, search history, and location. Using DuckDuckGo is very simple and super easy. It will not index your network and keep you totally anonymous from the rest of the world. Over 1 billion people are using DuckDuckGo every month. And It’s becoming more and more popular, reliable, and trustworthy from the usual search engine like Google, Bing, etc. DuckDuckGo runs by the Tor onion browser. Where no one can track even a government. Because there is no one author. For example, Google is a techno company, Bing is also a techno company of Microsoft. They have the constitutional infrastructure in many countries. They have a head office, employees. Anyone can visit their company. Any government can take the authority of google, Bing in its own country. But in Tor browse or DuckDuckGo there is no single authority and owners. So, any person or even the government has no chance to track this. Most of the peoples use duckduckgo for browsing the darknet because it’s the easiest way to enter to the dark web. The dark web users simply use Duckduckgo as their default search engine and they use tor browser as their default browser. They just simply find out the real and non-scam dark web links and they just copy it and then paste it to the tor browser and they visit the dark web that easily.


  • Yippy:


most of the people who use the dark web always stay in tension. Because one false step can give more restrictions. For that reason, people look for a search engine where he or she will not be indexed and tracked by using ads, pop up, cookies, etc. For that purpose, yippy is one of the best search engines that keep the high privacy of its users. By using yippy anyone will not be tracked by ads, if you do not use Tor browser, then Yippy is the biggest browser in the world for dark web users. Unlike other search engines, Yippy never records your IP address and user history. You can search without any fear of being tracked. And hence google record the search history to track any person.


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It’s everything about the deep web in 2021


  • Virtual library: 


it has been regarded as one of the oldest and largest search engines in the world. This search engine had been found by Tim Berners Lee, the founder of the WWW world wide web. In this search engine, there is no tracking.


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