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By | November 2, 2019

What is the dark web?

The dark web is a part of the online world and it’s not like the other online things. Normally we peoples use the online world for our business or fantasy or social media and much more reason but Dark web is a totally different thing. Actually we always looking to do something which things we can’t do legally and then we’re starting to thinking about how to do this illegally or any other way or is there anyone who can do this for me. Then peoples use the dark web and hire someone from the dark web for their work and It’s doesn’t matter the work is legal or illegal.

Almost all peoples know about the dark web and how it works. Normally we use the Internet and we browse what we need and for that, we need a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Ice dragon and many more. But if you wanna use dark web then these browsers wouldn’t be work to use the dark web. There is an only browser that you can use dark web and that browser name is “Tor Browser”. Tor Browser isn’t different from other browsers. But the Tor browser is the browser that you can enter the dark web and you can access the dark web. You can download tor browser from the internet and you can install it to your computer or laptop. After the installation, you can enter the dark web.

Which kinds of works happen in the dark web?

The Dark web is a place, where happen every kind of illegal activities. Small to huge illegal activities.

Some similar activities like Social media account hacking, Social media page destroy Gmail account hack, Mobile app hack, Mobile screen hack, stolen information, and many more things.

These are some similar thing happen in the dark web:

Social Media hacking:

Nowadays peoples using social Medias a lot more. Peoples creating their social media profile or page or anything and slowly they have got a lot of followers and they become more popular. Nowadays we have a lot of social media that we use more and more. Like: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. But every person has their own control over their social media account. But sometimes if you need to control someone’s social media account or social media page you can’t access that because you don’t have the login details. In this condition, people start thinking about how I get the login details These kinds of works can make happen a professional hacker and then peoples going to the dark web and start finding someone who hacks a social media account or a social media page very easily. Peoples doing this for enmity or jealousy or for their personal reason. Sometimes peoples thinking how do I get access to this account and how do I destroy this account for forever, after all, they go to the dark web and hire a professional hacker to do this.

Gmail account hack:

We all know a Gmail account about how important for us. Because whenever we’re going to make an account anywhere they ask for the Gmail account because Gmail is a very need an able thing. If you’re going to make a bank account the bank asks you for a Gmail account and you can access your bank account by your Gmail account. Business peoples save their important data in their Gmail account. That’s why Gmail is a very important thing. So that means if you successfully hack a Gmail account you can access everything related to that Gmail account. So when peoples looking to hack a Gmail account they visit the dark web and hire a hacker Who can hack a Gmail account.

Stolen information:

Stolen Information means, every work has a process and we do everything in a process. Like: When an engineering exam happens there is a question paper and students get the question paper in the exam. But If anyone stole the question information before the exam he can become 1st. This is called information stolen. Every country has their agent like India has (RAW) and Pakistan has (ISI) and they’re working to collect information to keep safe their country But Peoples stole information from them to hire someone from the dark web.

Some Huge things happen on the dark web that you can’t imagine.

Like: Huge amounts of drugs business, Very dangerous kinds of poison business, million dollars hack from bank account, cannabis Business, Hire someone for kill someone, Weed Store, Drug supplier, Bitcoin mining with stolen electricity, Premium Paypal, eBay and bank accounts, US fake ID and a lots of illegal things happen in the dark web.

Drugs business:

We all know drugs are illegal in every country in the world and everywhere in the world. Drugs (Weeds, cannabis, cocaine, etc.) business is a huge business and its source has all over the world. Nobody can’t business with drugs directly because if you do you would be caught by the country policeman. But here in dark web peoples run their drugs business and nobody wouldn’t be able to catch them. They run their business very easily and they have their own process of how to deliver drugs and when and where. All these illegal things happen in the dark web.



Dangerous kinds of poison business:

We know on this earth has a lot of kinds of dangerous poison and by these poisons, you can kill anybody and you can save peoples too. And peoples sell and buy dangerous kinds of poisons here on the dark web, which is 100% illegal.



Hire serial killer:

From the dark web, you can hire a professional serial killer, who can kill your enemies for you. Without dark web If you’re going to hire a serial killer you’ll catch but Here is the dark web you can hire a serial killer very easily and nobody wouldn’t be able to find out you. A serial killer kills anybody of your chosen and It’s doesn’t matter that the person is a good human being or not. You need to just hire them and instruct them how to kill and they will kill your chosen person for you. This is a huge crime but It’s happening on the dark web.



Drug supplier:

We know every country’s peoples take drugs and for that, they need a drug supplier. A drug supplier is a person who supplies drugs for peoples for money. Drug supply is a very dangerous kind of work and you wouldn’t find anybody who can supply drugs for you. Because every country has its law and they give very dangerous kinds of punishment to the drug suppliers. But you can find a drug supplier for you very easily on the dark web. Just you need to hire a dug supplier and they will supply drugs for you very sharply. And they never get caught that easily because they are professional, they never fear to die. You need to just give them the instruction where they need to supply the drugs. It’s crime but it’s happening on the dark web.



Weed Store:

We all know weeds are the kinds of drug what’s take every country propels. You can’t open a weed store because if you do you’ll get caught and you’ll get punished by the law. But a lot of peoples has their weed store but they do not sell weeds directly. Peoples open a shop like a flower shop or cloths shop but they sell weeds hidden, only the customers know they can get weed from here. So now how would you know which shop is the weeds shop? You can know about this from the dark web, you can get real information from the dark web where could be a weed store and ten you can buy weeds.

How dark web works?

As I already mention, Peoples use the dark web for their personal work and sometimes they hire someone from the dark web. But when peoples hire someone that person wouldn’t know which person he’s hiring but after hire someone they just need to tell them the issue and give them instructions on what to do and how to do. That’s it, after that you need to pay that person you hired and he’ll start his work. But you never gonna know who is the person, because there isn’t any way to know about anyone on the dark web. Just peoples come here, hire someone who can do their work and after done the job the hacker would confirm that the work is done.

The main thing is Dark web links

we do peoples browse everything on the Internet and we always need a browser. But In the case of the dark web, there is an only browser and the browser is “Tor Browser”. Without the tor browser, you never browser the dark web. The only way to use dark web it’s you need a tor browser. Only the tor browser isn’t enough to enter the dark web. Because when we looking something on the internet we go inside a website or blog or anything but there is a specific link like if we looking for some video we going to youtube or Vimeo or anywhere else. Just like that, you need real working dark web links. Every single topic has a specific dark web link and to browse those links you can hire peoples and you converse with them.

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Some other kinds of dark web links you’ll get in this website

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I hope you know all about the dark web and after reading the article you can understand to browse the dark web how important dark web links are.

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