Dark Web Crime – Some of the big crimes on the dark web


Dark Web Crimes

Some of the big crimes on the dark web

As the omnipresence of computer-based benevolence meets almost all aspects of life. It is not astonishing that our use of the internet is developing to mirror the actual world more closely. About twenty-five (25) years ago, the innocence of the internet had been exchanged with the other sobering version. As it has come to be familiar, the darknet shows an alter-ego to the global web that we are all used to. The hub of many criminal attacks is the darknet, also known as the dark web, as it comes up with acts and anonymity as an arch to the world of crime. The following are the 12 famous crimes that occur on the dark web.

12 Notorious Crimes on Dark Web You Need to Know

1. Drug Trafficking:

The dark web streams are the illegal marketplace for trading harmful and illicit drugs in swapping for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, ripple, Bitcoins, and others. Silk Road was the biggest darknet drug market. It was established by Canadians and closed by U.S police. It was one of the well-known forums for unlicensed medicines and illicit drugs.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation shut down this website in 2013. One year ago, Agora was another website that was closed. At this time World’s largest marketplace is AlphaBay. Drug forums include Valhalla, dream market, and Wall Street market, among others.

Various other websites for illegal drug purchasing and promotion maybe begin on the dark web.

2. Human Trafficking:

Human trafficking takes place on the Black Death, which is the location on the dark web. Chloe Ayling, the British model, is the fatality of human trafficking on the Dark web. It was observed in the 2017 survey that many human trafficking survivors were enlisted for labor trafficking and sex trafficking.

According to the report of some sources, the dark web has helped in the seclusion of this offense. One of the largest groups of the dark web is the black death which works through repeatedly changing URLs.

3. Information Leakage:

Many obscurity-supporting networks like TOR are influential tools for law enforcement, activists, and whistleblowers. To reveal censorious information by hackers, the dark web is used. In 2017, about 1.4 billion personal information was revealed in simple text on the darknet and was openly accessible on the internet.

Even darknet centers pay workers to disclose secret company information.

4. Child Pornography:

As determined by the survey, child pornography excursion the highest traffic to TOR’s secret dark web porn sites. To locate such locations by the typical user is very difficult. It is a pretense in which teenagers are used for sexual exhilaration, and children are mistreated during sexual actions. Sexual photos of children from pornography are also involved in it.

Lolita city has latterly been closed because it incorporated more than 100GB of dark web images and videos of child pornography. It is a site having 15000 subscribers. In 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation closed down PLAYPEN, which had more than 200,000 users and was perhaps the biggest child pornography site on the entire dark web.

Crimes On The DArk Web

5. Proxying:

Tor-like platforms, obscurity pull out of its users endangered to thrash. To ensure that they are on the legal site, they must bookmark on the TOR page. In the illustration of website proxying, the cheater deceives the user into trusting he is on the authentic page and then re-edits the links to divert the user to his fraud URL.

When the user reimburses in crypto-currency, the money is transferred to the cheater alternatively.

6. Fraud Carding:

The robbery and vending of user’s credit card Personal and credentials information are known as fraud. It is the common type of crime on the darknet. The fame of this scam consists of many factors contributing to the Dark Web.

Debit and credit cards are obtainable to buy on the dark web marketplace. This crime is also a risk on numerous money transfer services.

7. Bitcoins Scam:

One of the most famous cryptocurrencies on the dark web is Bitcoin. It is also understandable as paper money of cybercrimes. Such offenses incorporate onion cloning and proxying. On the report of the Europol administrator, the first blackmailed sufferer through email was the DDB4C institution.

On the dark web, the emergence of Bitcoin coexists with the revolt of cyber-terrorists.

8. Arms Trafficking:

It alludes to a Platform for illicit arms trafficking. According to a RAND corporation investigation, the accessibility of firearms is enlarging by the dark web at approximate costs to those seen on the streets for illegal markets.

It has also been found that Europe main origin of weapons. The darknet has expanded into an asylum for terrorists and criminal groups.

9. Onion Cloning:

It is a proxy method. The cheater copies the authentic page or site and changes the links to mail the user to their faked sites to earn money from the user.

10. Contract Killer:

One of the platforms for hiring hitman is the dark web. It is a terrace where the trained killer can be employed. Once, the hacker ruptured the website of BesaMafa and exuded its contents online.

The exude contents consist of personal messages, 38-hit orders, user accounts, etc. These hitmen contract killers working in Canada and the United States also give the commission to suggest them to their friends.

11. Torture:

People pay many dollars to Red Room sites to watch rapes, murders, child pornography, and several types of torture. Some accounts assert that visitors of pedophilic deep web torture links paid hundreds of dollars to watch a video of the torture of youngster and Scully’s assault.

Bitcoin Scam

One of his most discussed movies on the sites was Daisy’s Destruction which involves the fearful abuse of a bit of kid. The Internet and the Dark web explained in 5 minutes

12. Revenge Porn:

Revenge porn is the circulating sexual videos and photographs of somebody without their content. Many websites have been nonactivated. Google has already removed revenge porn from its search consequences.


In a nutshell, the darknet poses a cybersecurity danger to anybody on the internet. It is sometimes terrifying and dangerous. The dark web is a very perilous segment of the internet due to the crimes committed through it. We hope these 12 notorious crimes on the darknet illuminate the facts of what’s going on there. We advise you not to share any individual information with anyone and be aware of clicking on random links without knowing where they lead!