The advantage of Duckduckgo for darknet search

The advantage of Duckduckgo for darknet search


Internet anonymity is becoming harder and harder to maintain. Bloggers, social media moguls, and even companies use your activities to promote themselves. Your Google searches can be seen by anyone, for example, and even if you delete them it doesn’t mean they cease to exist altogether. While most people are aware of this issue thanks to Facebook or Google and their habit of watching over your shoulder at all times, there is a myriad of other websites that are also keeping an eye on your activity.

Capitalizing on growing fears about users’ personal information being stolen, DuckDuckGo presents itself to you as the savior of your privacy. DuckDuckGo claims to be the most trustworthy search engine available today. It offers you privacy for searching online that is unmatched by other search engines, or so it claims. You may already use it on occasion or exclusively for its many different well-known strengths, but is this trusted tool as untainted as the waterfowl from which it gains its name? Read on to learn all about DuckDuckGo and you can decide what this search engine is really worth your time and consideration!

DuckDuckgo Overview

 Search engine DuckDuckGo was founded in 2008 as an alternative to big search engines such as Google. Duck Duck Go describes itself as the search engine that doesn’t covet your data. The search engine promises not to collect information about those who use it and says it doesn’t use cookies to track users or their IP addresses. In fact, the search engine even takes pains to ensure that you can use it without watching someone their own behaviors or learning anything about yourself other than what you are openly telling others about yourself for example.

As an added bonus, Duck Duck Go even allows you to create an account on its search engine for extra protection and allow you access to advanced features (those who are logged in see more accurate answers and fewer ads). This means you can feel confident in your search results because you won’t be followed around by ads based on your browsing habits.

You can use DuckDuckGo as your primary search engine without having to worry about someone figuring out what it is you’ve been up to online. DuckDuckGo’s privacy policy means that you are safe from the prying eyes of websites like Facebook or Google. This privacy-minded search engine shows the same links for everybody – which helps protect the users’ privacy and lets people find what they want without worrying about advertisers coming along afterward, looking into their activity, and then marketing other products back to them.

Duckduckgo Overview

What makes DuckDuckGo different?

When you click on links from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, even in incognito mode, sometimes the search terms are shown to the site displaying them. It doesn’t matter whether your browser is set to private mode or not. This can be triggered by settings on the individual website server which track users’ behavior by following HTTP Referrers sent with requests for images or scripts on third-party servers.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t want users to get “leaked out” onto other search engines and will redirect domain names to the homepage of other sites so that the request is private. And if it’s an encrypted site such as Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo will automatically change things so you can pound away on your keyboard and reveal nothing but your thoughts as you start typing.

A way around this that DuckDuckGo has implemented is having a safe search option that makes sure that your search terms are not read by any third-party servers nor transferred in an unencrypted way. It turns out that searching online without permission is something you can control!

So what does it mean in the grand scheme of things?

Search history not stored

Unlike other search engines, DuckDuckGo remembers nothing about you. When you’re done searching for that shirt or that new apartment online, no one can retrace back to what led you there. Not even your browser can lest it be rooted by someone who steals your computer or even your phone in the future (we’re preemptively sorry if you have a history of having things stolen from you on a day when you had particularly good luck in finding whatever it is you were looking for).

No third-party tracking

While most people fear malicious programs, the bigger threat may be third-party trackers. Third-party trackers have been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that they began to gain world renown. They are very sneaky because they can work on websites unbeknownst to you, as they use your information to try and get you to perform certain actions, like visiting a site that sells products or services.

DuckDuckGo protects your privacy by blocking tracking mechanisms that third-party sites use to follow you around the web. DuckDuckGo’s blocking of third-party trackers is one of the ways it helps protect your privacy. This can help prevent companies from realizing that you were looking for a specific item or information on previous sites that you’ve visited before ending up at another site.

No profiles

DuckDuckgo is like Google but without all the profiling…

Most search engines, such as Bing and Google, build a profile of you based on the searches that you do in the hopes of better customizing search results to what they think you really want. But at DuckDuckGo we don’t build profiles like these because it gets progressively harder and harder to stay anonymous online today with these kinds of methods. DuckDuckGo doesn’t create any profiles about who you are or what kind of search history that you have, meaning that your identity is safe from being linked at all times!

Encrypted search results

DuckDuckGo offers a few extra features over other search engines, one of which is that it will automatically redirect you to the HTTPS version of any website you click in their results. This will help to ensure you’re always browsing safely while online.

Encrypted Search result

Increasing security, reducing spam!

To make search engine results more accessible to everyone, DuckDuckGo has always made it a priority to screen out spam, clutter, and advertisements so that you get to see relevant, curated content. This is why on the DDG, you won’t find results riddled with extraneous links or irrelevant pages.

Instead of relying on algorithms for this all-important task, DDG relies on two ‘human processes’. Firstly a community of volunteer White Hat Hackers who find spam and remove it from their searches. Secondly, an army of Webmasters around the world who label their own domains as either official sites or not (Campaigns 101: “oficializations”). The former detects and eliminates spam; the latter allows users to filter out these false results and see only authentic websites in their searches. In short, we try to put an end to useless information before it even reaches your screen! Most important things you should learn from darknet visiting


In a nutshell,

DuckDuckGo is a search engine of choice for individuals who respect their right to privacy. It is simply the search engine that will send you less spam, keep your searches secure, and let you learn more about the topics you look for online.