The Internet and the Dark web explained in 5 minutes

By | December 23, 2021


In everyday life, the websites you visit constitute a very small part of the whole internet. Apart from what is visible to you on the internet, there lies a whole world hidden by most people. It is called the dark web. You may have heard of its existence but may not understand fully what it is.

This quick and comprehensive informative article will explain everything you need to know about the dark web.


Difference between Internet and Dark Web

Internet is a connectivity network that links computing devices all over the world. You use it

For your daily searches on Google, watching videos on YouTube or accessing the social

Media platforms. In contrast, some hidden spaces on the internet are inaccessible to the general public. It is called the deep web. The dark web is a subset of this deep web.


How to Access the Dark Web?

The dark websites have a unique domain name ending with dot onion (.onion). Special

Software and browsers are needed to access the dark web. Let’s find out how you can

Access the dark web safely in 4 easy steps.


1- Use VPN

Hiding your digital footprints is the first thing to do while accessing the dark web. Use an authentic and reliable VPN to hide your IP address. Enabling the VPN on your system will help you download the Tor browser anonymously.


2- Tor Browser

The second step is to download the Tor browser. We recommend you download it from the official Tor Project website. Because downloading from third-party websites main cause viruses and malware infiltration into your computer.


3- Browse Using Tor

The Tor browser will give you the ultimate access to .onion websites, different forums, and marketplaces on the darknet. You must first check the identity and ensure the authenticity of any website before visiting it.


4- Self-Protection

Always conceal your identity on the dark web. Make sure to use an anonymous email ID while closing a deal on the dark web. Cryptocurrency is widely used to make any purchase on the dark web.

dark web

Why Do People Use the Dark Web?

You may also wonder why some people use the darknet despite the internet. We have listed a few services and content that are being offered on the dark web that are normally not allowed on the ‘surface web’.


1- Drugs

According to a study published in the University of Portsmouth, the major constituent of the dark web is related to drug dealing. 16% of all the websites are related to drug dealers.


2- Illegal Pornography

It is no surprise that the dark web is used for illegal pornography. Child pornography is very popular on the dark web. According to a research paper published in Springer, more than

80% of dark web traffic is searching for child pornography.


3- Darknet Marketplace

We are very familiar with e-Commerce marketplaces on the internet like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba. Likewise, darknet marketplaces exist on the dark web. Trading and services ranging from illegal weapons sales to identity fraud resources are being sold there. As of 2020, more than 35 dark marketplaces are live on the dark web.


Wrap Up:

In a nutshell, the dark web is the subset of the deep web, and the deep web is the subset of the internet. You need a Tor browser to enter the dark web, but concealing your identity should be ensured. However, we strongly urge you not to use the dark web for your safety.