Dark Web Links- A Perfect Guide for You In 2022



Did you want to know what happens on the dark web? Many of you think it is the wrong online place where only illegal activities occur. Well, it is not the complete truth. As we all know, the Internet world is surrounded by both good and bad elements. The same is true for this online place!

It depends upon you for which purpose you surf the dark world. If you visit legal websites, you will find a lot of information such as research articles, news stories, and many more. However, dark web websites are entirely different from the rest of the Internet. You cannot access these websites using regular search engines such as Google.

Actually, this dark world is developed to share secret information. So, you can say that dark web website are hidden websites. You can operate it with a specific network like Tor. This Tor browser is easy to install and download.

There is no doubt that this online place is often associated with many illegal activities like buying drugs, weapons, etc. At the same time, one can achieve many good things here that are not attainable on the regular Internet. This guide lists the best dark web links. One can safely visit and use these sites. Let’s start to discuss each one in a detailed manner!

Dark Web Statistics

We all are familiar with the term dark web. But the question is, how many of you are brave enough to further look at them? Definitely only fewer ones! Many people may consider the dark web to be a battlefield for criminals. Well, all legal and illegal activities happened on the dark web. In this section, we have discussed some dark web statistics such as:

  • The dominant things on the dark web marketplace are selling and buying of drugs
  • Who is behind the dark net? The US government
  • Human error is the cause of cyber-attacks and many more!

If you want to know the details of each point, then keep reading this section! Let’s start to discuss the primary and most crucial information about the dark web.


Dark Web Statistics 2022


1. The Involvement of American Government in Dark Net

Let us try to explain to you who is behind the dark web. At this point, we will try to answer your question as mentioned above.

The United States of America did this to assist the spies of the US agencies. The spies can easily roam the internet anonymously, and no one can trap them. They started this in the 1990s. Americans were working secretly everywhere in the world. When American military researchers created the Dark web platform, they used the Onion router, which is still the primary way for darknet users to stay anonymous. The way American spices are worded, it is too difficult to spot them.

The Involvement of American Government in Dark Net

2. Surface Web Usage

Most of us are not familiar with dark and deep webs. But the shocking thing is that only 4% of the surface web makes up the entire internet. The one that we all use and love to browse, ironically, the most accessible part of the internet, is also the smallest. We are using a small part of the internet compared to the dark web.

3. Percentage of Dark Web on the Internet

The deep web contains 90% of the internet. Only the deep web, not the dark web. The deep web is accessible to excess as compared to the dark web. It is the continuity of the surface web. The deep web holds different kinds of information like schools, hospitals, databases, etc. In short, we can say that a lot of people use the deep web to get legal data.

4. Is Dark Net Legal or Not?

The dark net has a bad image in the world. Most people think the darknet is only for illegal activities. But in reality, all users are not doing illegal activities. All kinds of illicit dealing like human smuggling, murder for ransom, drugs, etc. All of these actions can put you in serious trouble. Complaints under the table like whistleblowing, and ethical hacking, these kinds of activities are not illegal activities. Many people have a desire for high-level privacy. This hidden place fulfills this need well.

5. 30,000 Websites Are Hosted by Tor Network

Well, this figure is according to March 2021 research. In the future, there may be more than 30,000 websites hosted by the Tor network. Yes, we say this because this hidden place grows fast with the passage of every minute. Let’s start to discuss some other facts about the dark web.

6. After Every 39 Seconds Cyber Attacks Occurs On Dark Web

According to the statistics of the dark web, approximately 2250 computers or websites are hacked every day. It is not just because of the dark web. There is some other loophole. It could be due to weak protection like most users choose a common username or password. They do not use proper passwords like a mixture of upper case, lower case, memorable characters, and numbers. These kinds of solid usernames and passwords can save you from breaching security.

7. Gaming and Crime Are Closely Associated On the Dark Web

You probably experience that while playing video games; cheating and hacking are already available in the market. The dark web is a significant resource for this kind of hack. These days it is expected that the gamers’ accounts are sold on the dark web, and sometimes the entire game account is sold there.

30,000 Websites Are Hosted by Tor Network

8. Government, Retail, and Technology Were the Big Target

The year 2016 was not good for cyber security. The three industries mentioned above became the victim of hackers. The faces lose because one can get easy access to their personal information data. Besides the three industries mentioned above, healthcare has become a victim of dark web threats. According to stats, they did not face tough challenges.

9. The Cost of Damaged in 2021 is $20 Billion Due to Malicious Software

Hackers are well-trained and experts in hacking the data of the company. Their illegal activities can shut down any organization in a blink of an eye. Not anyone knows what will happen in the coming days. The estimated amount of ransomware damage is $265 billion globally.

10. In 2021, After Every 11sec Ransomware Attacks Happened

People who think that the dark web is a dangerous place are right! If you don’t think like this, then wait until 2031. With time, this online place’s illegal activities are increasing daily. Very soon, businesses and customers might be victims of ransomware attacks every 2 seconds. The 2021 state of the dark web may not look dangerous, but one should think about it seriously.

11. The Activity on This Place has been enhanced by 300% In Past Three Years

The stats of this online marketplace is increasing continuously. The activity on this dangerous and hidden corner of the Internet is enhanced by 300% within 3 years (from 2017 to 2020). This increment is a sign that illegal activities will further be increased in the coming years.

12. In 2019, More Than 30% of Americans Used This Online Place

In 2019 Americans were the biggest consumers of the dark web. 26% of Americans used this online marketplace regularly. At the same time, the remaining of them used it weekly. According to this information, most people visit and use this place on a daily basis.

Market Statistics of Dark Web

Most of the dark web market is the center of illegal activities. Continue to read in order to know more about the market statistics of the dark web.

13. Nobody Know the Exact Figure of Dark Web Marketplace

It is not possible to tell the exact figure of the dark web marketplace. This is due to the reality that many of them open or close on a regular basis. There are many new places that are involved in illegal activities. They only accept cryptocurrencies for trading. So it is not easy to get information about how many dark web markets there are!

14. The Prices on This Online Place are Not Constant

At this point, we are again talking about the prices of illegal items and activities. The cost of every illegal project is changed. The price depends upon the demand for services. Now the question is which item had been selling the most on the dark web. The answer is simple! Credit card data and fake IDs. These two things are the most basic popular items on the dark web.

Government, Retail, and Technology Were the Big Target

15. The Creator of Silk Road Are Arrested

This one is the most encouraging step that happens on the dark web. The FBI shut down the Silk Road. Police arrest many people involved in illicit activities on the dark web. And it is good news for those who are afraid of this online place.

16. Email Leaked on the Dark Web

Digital identities are not secure. Many people are becoming victims of hackers on the dark web. 80% of the customers have had their email data leaked. So, the information of the email addresses is also at higher risk on the dark web. Besides this, much other information, such as phone numbers, driving license information, and social security information leaked online.

17. The Normal Person Has Many Passwords

Did you know that passwords are among the most selling products on the dark web? More than 100 passwords are remembered by regular people. From 2019 to 2020, approximately a 25% increase in the occurrence of people who have many passwords. Users use one password for more than one account. Because it is impossible to memorize all the codes. Estimated number of people who create a new password once a year is 31.1%.

18. The Basic Online Leaked Password is 123456

According to a CNBC shared report, the dark web is the most prominent place where usernames and security passwords are sold. This code consists of numbers that can be simply remembered. 123456 was the easiest to memorize and a common password.

19. More Than 4 Million Card Details Available on This Online Place

According to VPN and NordVPN research, approximately 4 million card data are available in the hidden place. Hackers hacked the details and debit cards and sold them on the dark web. It is also found that one can easily find the details of debit cards as compared to credit cards on this online marketplace. Few statistics about card details are given below:

  • From the US, 1,561,739 cards details are accessible for sale
  • In the case of Britain, 134,607 cards details are available online

If we talk about Turkey, then this country has a higher portion of non-refundable cards on illegal online places.

20. The Most Accessed Country on The Dark Web is India

As we mentioned earlier, specific technologies are required in order to access the dark web. Specific browsers are needed for security. These technologies are available worldwide, but Indian people have the highest access to the dark web. 26% of people from India confessed to using darknet technologies. At the same time, only 10% of people from the US admit to using tools for accessing the dark web.

Email Leaked on the Dark Web

21. 60% of Weapons Sold Here Due to the US

According to research conducted by the RAND Europe non-profit organization, the United States is responsible for selling most weapons on the dark web. They used to sell firearms more to EU customers than the US consumer.

22. The Financial Data is collected for Dark Web through Phishing

Did you know that the most common fraud for cybercriminals is financial fraud? The dark web is famous for this type of illegal activity. Now the question is which tool is used for this purpose. Well, through phishing, financial data is collected and sold on the dark web. Attackers use this methodology to hack credit card information. At the same time, malware and skimming are also used for the attention of financial fraud.

23. The Ratio of Male is More That Use Tor and Onion Services

It is fascinating to know that only 29.4% of women use the Tor services and the remaining are male. The Younger generation is involved in the usage of the dark web. Some statistics about it are given below:

  • 5% of users lie in between the ages of 18 and 25
  • 8% aged between 26 and 35 use this hidden place
  • At the same time, only 16.8% of users use the onion services and Tor network to access the websites listed on the dark web

24. Credit Card Data Sells in Just $25

It is worrying to know that stolen credit cards are sold on the dark web for just $25. Many purchases on the dark web have much less cost. Very few amounts are required to purchase the data of a credit card along with a PIN. It is also not astonishing to know that one also purchases the details of a PayPal account from this illegal hidden place.

Hopefully, this section has been informative to you. After reading, you must think about how to use the dark web. It is vital to keep your password secure. No doubt that the dark web is a fantastic place. But one should require a high level of caution. To make your online identity safe:

  1. Take various precautions.
  2. Be alert whenever sharing any information.

If you also have any excellent information, share it with us in the comment section.

What Are The Benefits of Tor?

There are many advantages to using a Tor network. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • By using Tor, it is not possible to track the IP address
  • External agencies can’t limit the usage of the Tor network

Drawbacks of Tor Network

  • It is a slow network
  • Tor communication is not safe and secure

The Ratio of Male is More That Use Tor and Onion Services

What Are the Benefits of VPN

The benefits of VPN are given below:

  • It is quick as compared to Tor
  • VPN provides a high level of security as compared to Tor

Drawbacks of VPN

All are familiar with the advantages of VPN. It is also crucial to know the shortcomings of VPN service.

  • As compared to Tor, VPN service is costly. Tor projects are free
  • The annual cost of a VPN of is 40 to 70$
  • It is not good to use the free VPN service


Points of Consideration during Browsing Dark Web Links

Safety is a priority! That’s why we have discussed some points of consideration. Keep in mind the below-mentioned points when browsing any dark web links.

  • We recommend you use the Tor program to access the different dark web links. It works well, and you can access the Tor program without charge. It uses HTTPS to ensure the security of the user. So, one can protect themselves from any danger by using it
  • It is best to use the VPN along with the Tor program. In this way, you can increase the level of your data security
  • Make sure not to send your personal data or debit card information over Tor
  • Don’t download anything directly from the dark web links. This action is harmful to you and may reveal your IP address.

So, extra care is needed when clicking any of the above-mentioned dark web links.

The coming section of this blog post is interesting for Android and iPhone users. Stay connected with us, and keep reading the next portion of this article.

Dark Web Links For Android And iPhone

Below we have mentioned the dark web links for Android and iPhone.

  • Candle
  • SearX
  • Not Evil
  • DuckDuckGo: This search engine is easily attainable with the surface web and dark web
  • Hidden Wiki

Latest Guide about Dark Web Prices for Cyber Criminal Services

In this world, there is nothing free with respect to good or bad things, and everything is on sale. You have to pay something to get something. The most expensive service in criminal or illegal activities is cybercrime on the dark web.

Let us show you a simple picture of cybercrime on the dark web in 2022 and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones. The dark web contains a minor part of the internet but contains the most dangerous and illegal activities, which are always a threat.

On this web, generally, criminals exchange ideas, tips, thoughts, etc., through hidden channels.

Different kinds of illegal products and services are available, like various goods and other activities, according to the news report about the average price of different services in 2022.

Latest Guide about Dark Web Prices for Cyber Criminal Services

1. Credit Card

In financial services, the most popular data is related to credit card data. It is available in different forms; usually, the purchaser demands a credit card number, name expiry date, and CVV. This data is necessary for cybercrime to buy different online shopping websites etc.

If the credit card is valid and correctly working and his account balance of around $ 5000 is sold at around $120, but if the balance is low, the single credit card will be at $15.

According to the report of 2021, almost 4.5 million stolen credit was available for sale on the dark web.


2. Financial Services (PayPal)

You can buy this information individually or at scale. It depends on how much you are buying data. If you buy it on a large scale, the price will be low compared to a single one. There are two significant elements that play a crucial role in pricing: one is bank country origin, and the other one is the updated balance of the account.

In financial services, the accounts are also sold. A PayPal account with a $1000 balance could be sold at $20. But 50 PayPal account information could be sold for around $150 without knowing the balance. Some other financial app data is sold on the web at different prices.

3. Data Regarding Identity

Identification data is a hot product for the cybercrime world. For illegal activities like credit fraud and registration for financial web etc. Forged documents are also a hot item for the dark web. A passport from any country in the European Union could be sold for between $3500 to $4000. Virtual IDs are also sold, and they charge approximately $150.

The business around identity is essential in the cybercrime world. They use fake identities for credit fraud, registering for sensitive financial web services, and anything else that requires a real identity.

4. Social media Accounts

In this social media world, social media accounts are also hacked and sold in the dark place, which could be between $25 to $45 for Facebook and Twitter accounts.

5. DDoS Attacks

When we talk about website hacking, it’s related to denial-of-service; the price is regarding the target for unprotected webs; it can be between 10,000 to 50,000 requests per second for one hour. It could be $10, the lowest price and maybe $850 for the month. A protracted web uses antivirus and could be attacked from 20,000 to 50,000 hits per second. Using different elite proxies for a day, they charge around $200.

6. Access to Initial Data

One of the critical services last year was online access to corporate entities. The seller of initial access has become a large number since last year on the dark web and offering different services regarding this kind of data on the cybercrime marketplace.

An antivirus company known by the name Kaspersky has recently analyzed around 200 posts on the dark web regarding this kind of data, and they charge between $2,000 to $4,000.

Data Regarding Identity

Well-Known Cases on the Dark Web


1. Personal Data Selling & Blackmailing

Let’s talk about our 1st point. In the middle of 2019, The Evite is providing service regarding Invitations and all others related to them, and suddenly they got to know about a massive security break. The hacker took all personal information of the Client, like the address of the house, the passwords of the customer, and even the IP address.

More than 10 Million customers were at stake. Evite is not a tiny brand; they have goodwill in the market and the safety of the member’s data is essential for them. After all this situation, finally, the hacker breached the security system of Evite and contacted them. The hacker asks them if they want us to keep your data safe; you need to provide us $1900 in bitcoins. That was not a significant amount against the critical data.

But Evite decided they would not pay any amount to the hackers after they started selling people information in the dark web market, but they could share this data just for a short time in 2019. The marketplace where they have Client’s for this data got shut down. Since that day, we have not got any update or development about this story. However, the story will end, but sharing personal data on this kind of web is horrible for the victim. The victims are not ready to trust any web the next time, damaging E-commerce. Let’s move on to another story.


2. Silk Road

The Silk Road was owned by “ROSS WILLIAM ULBRICHT”. Despite getting a scholarship to the University of Texas, he was a talented student. After that, he entered this dark world, earning around 1.2 billion $ through selling narcotics.

They were merchants on the web, offering the products they would on another e-commerce website like Amazon or eBay. The users of the dark market are just a few clicks away from all illegal products like drugs, guns, and other products.

They pay to the merchant may be in bitcoins or Binance Coin etc. And get all illegal desired products related to the Silk Road. After he became successful, he started providing illegal products to people’s Government started observing his activities, and they arrested him in 2013, and he is in prison now. But it’s not just a single cause. Still, in 2022, there are many merchants available worldwide with different names and logos.

3. Steakandcheese Popular

Let’s have a look at another dark web story. Steak and cheese was a website where you could watch different kinds of brutal videos. Where people humiliate sexually and with all other methods like gruesome videos. And the fact is that this kind of website is still available around this kind of web, and with the population, the number of this kind of video increases daily. If you are browsing the web, you need to be careful. A simple rule is don’t click on any link; you have no idea where it leads you. However, it was a surprising thing for us.

Silk Road

It was a website indexed by the most famous search engine, which we have known with the name of “Google” for a long time. In the late 2000s, people found this kind of web on the surface web. Now the good news is that Steakandcheese is no longer on Google.


4. Peter Scully

Peter Scully has been involved in human trafficking. Peter is from Australia; he was involved rape; he used to sexually assault minors. He was spreading child pornography on the dark web. After sexually assaulting people, he murdered them and uploaded videos of killing and assaulting them on the Dark web. We don’t need to be worried now because he is understudying the Philippines police and facing punishments for his violation.


5. Hieu Ming Ngo’s Hacker

He was an international hacker. He gets identifiable data from different sites of hundreds of thousands of people. He hacked and got a massive identity theft device from Fraud etc., and he earned around 2 Million dollars from selling the data. But in 2015, he came to the United States of America for a business deal but unfortunately for him, he arranged it with a US agency. But as per the last update, the good news for us is that he became a good citizen after getting freedom from the United States of America agency, and now he is serving his expertise in Vietnam. He is working as a technical expert at Vietnam National Cyber Security Center.

6. The Famous Hitmen Scams

This is a very interesting scam. There are a lot of people who kill someone for money in this scam. The killer gets essential information about someone and texts the victim as the killer. He told the story of someone hearing me kill you. We have taken money to kill you, then ask him if you provide us half the total money in exchange for killing you; we will forgive you and let you go and also provide you with the information behind this.

In this world, everybody thinks that most people get jealous of them or are not happy to see their successful career and become ready to pay. And behind scenes, there is nothing, and they get an amount in bitcoins. And it is still a popular scam.

7. Julian Assange Wikileaks

Wikileaks is a platform where different kinds of documents are government related. It’s a famous platform where all secrets of the government get published on an almost daily basis. It is available not only on the Dark web but to everyone on the surface web. In 2016 WikiLeaks damaged the US Government significantly during the presidential elections. Someone shared thousands of pages about the Iraq war, and it was a secret conversation between the US government and diplomats regarding war.

However, all WikiLeak’s secret data sales and purchases are on the Dark web. This is run by a foundation that is famous for the name of freedom of the press foundation.

The US government is not too kind on this issue. Julian Assange shared the secrets back in 2016 he was arrested for the allegations of Sexually assaulting someone. And he was taken as a refugee by the government of London till 2019. In the end, the good news for the government is that he is still in prison and waiting for trial.


8. Music Album

The smartphone holders with marked location icons were in August of 2012 dark web visitors found some clues scattered on this web that led to a game which is a fascinating alternative reality. It’s like a game which is called Cicada 3031’s 4chan game. Cicada 3301 first appeared on the internet in January 2012; the clues for this led to the regular users on an array of sharp clues set up to make it attractive and put the theme like a treasure hunt.

The game uses many encrypted codes to hide the hints; they use Caesar cipher QR codes and all others of this kind. The clues were spread all around dark websites. In the end, what was going on? There was nothing a band created in the game. The name of the band was “Experimental hip hop group Death Grip” they promised their new music Album with the name “No Love Deep web”.

Users of the Dark Web in 2022

Most people are overwhelmed with the question of how many people use the dark web. Well, the straightforward and quick answer is that this online platform has 2.5 billion active users per day. Let’s start to discuss some secret statistics of the dark web.

Country Wise Percentage of the Dark Web Users

Many people benefit from the opportunities that lie in this hidden space. Below we have mentioned the name of some countries along with the percentage of users of the dark web links.

  • In France, about 3.29%users use this hidden cyberspace. People use it for pornography and drug trading
  • In The Netherlands, about 6.92% of users are on the dark web. They use this platform for trading drugs and illegal guns
  • Germany has 7.16% of users of this online platform. They do many illegal activities here, such as stealing debit card information or selling and purchasing fake documents
  • 46% of people from Russia use the dark web for malware trading and data dumps
  • The United States has the highest percentage of users, about 34.81%. Users use this site for the drug trade and steal personal information

What Things Are Offered For Sale on Dark Web

Many of you are also curious about what services or items are sold on the dark web.

  • The dark web is known as one of the largest platforms for drug trading
  • Many fraud shops are available that offer money-making services
  • Selling banking account information, debit card numbers etc
  • The dark web is also famous for creating fake diplomas
  • Many scammers are available on this site

It is essential to stay safe from scams and illegal activities happening on the dark web. Always stay alert and maintain a distance between your personal and Internet life. Try to avoid downloading dark web files.

Country Wise Percentage of the Dark Web Users

What Type of Cryptocurrencies Used For Dark Web Transactions

Below we have mentioned the list of cryptocurrencies used on the dark web:

  • Montero about 6%
  • Bitcoin cash used approximately 13%
  • Dash about 20%
  • 9% used the Ethereum
  • 30% used of the Litecoin

The Bottom Line

The dark web may sound like a scary place, but it is not valid! Many legal .onion sites on the dark web can be used to get purposeful knowledge. Regular Internet users may not visit the dark web browser because they find all the answers to their search queries on the surface web. Those who don’t get the results of their queries on the surface web can use the dark web.

However, the above-listed sites are harmless, but extra care is always needed when clicking any of the links on the dark web. Use the virtual private network in order to get access to these .onion sites. VPN increases the level of security. That’s all from our side! Hopefully, this guide increases your knowledge and proves beneficial for you. We all wish you good luck in visiting the dark web links. If you know any other primary website not listed above, comment below!