Are Dark Web Links Illegal? Know Everything about This

Do you know that the websites you visit every day are a small portion of the Internet? Yes! The surface web is just a tiny fraction of the Internet that is visible to search engines. At the same time, the remaining part is not visible to search engines named dark web. It would be best if you had some unique browser such as TOR to access it.

Before going into detail, let’s define the TOR network.

It is the series of interconnected nodes that enable anonymous communication. In other words, we say that TOR stands for an onion routing project. Onion sites are not accessible from regular browsers. Now, after this definition, you may be overwhelmed with a lot of other questions, such as what are dark web links, how to access onion sites safely, and many more! We have designed the latest and updated guide for you about dark web links. This article covers the following points:

  • All about dark web links
  • Where to get dark web links
  • Darknet and its links
  • Is it illegal to use the dark web and lots more!

In short, this latest guide increases your knowledge about the deep web. Without wasting time, read each section and get the answer to your query!


What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is the smaller portion of the deep web. It is the hidden part of the internet that is only accessible by a specific web browser. People use this part to keep their activities anonymous and private.


What are Dark Web Links?

Dark web links are the onion links with the .onion domain. These links cannot be indexed by traditional search engines like Google or Yahoo. Most of the time TOR browser is used to find the best dark web links.


Quick Summary about Deep Websites

All different types of websites, such as legal and illicit, are available on the darknet. Most of the time, these websites often go offline for 2 to 3 days or sometimes forever. You may suffer these issues when you get access to these sites. You can get detailed knowledge about dark websites in our other articles. Let’s move toward the next section.


Is it hard to find a Dark Website?

Hopefully, you already know the answer to this question. Yes, it is hard to find these darknet sites. But why? The reason is given below.

Google and other casual engines cannot access these websites. You need some particular deep web search engines. You will also get deep web links on clear net sites, but these kinks may not be working well. So, proper care and extra knowledge are needed to get access to these sites. You don’t need to worry. In the next section, we have mentioned some tools that can be used to find dark websites.

Is it hard to find a Dark Website?

Where to Get Dark Web Links?

Dark web search engines allow you to access the .onion sites. Here you can get the answer to your query the same as in regular search engines. It is easy and straightforward, like Google, Yahoo, etc., and offers you complete privacy.

No one keeps an eye on your browser history. One of the best things is that these web search engines don’t track your searches as other engines mostly do. Simply use Tor search engines and get the answer to your question. Below we have mentioned some darknet sites you can visit today.

  • Torch: It is the most famous dark web search engine. You will get dark web websites by simply entering the keyword
  • World-Market: This marketplace is related to bitcoin. This site is secure and sells everything except illegal drugs and weapons etc
  • Corona Market: This market offers the vendor account without paying a little penny. It is a wonderful market in the industry
  • Liberty Market: This market is involved in the selling of drugs and illegal items. Many illegal services are also available there. Besides this, different types of fraud happen there
  • Empire Market: It is one of the famous and established markets in the dark web industry
  • Elite Market: Here, you will get different working TOR engine links. They give you an exact answer to your query

Onion Links Directory Plus Blog

It is one of the best places where you get active links for different types of categories, such as:

  • Carding
  • PayPal
  • Torrent
  • Social networks and many more

It provides you with a complete description and detailed information about the offering of a specific site. All the onion links listed here are active and working correctly.

Some Tools You Require For Finding Dark Websites

TOR directory and VPN software are mainly used to get access to deep websites. Let’s discuss them in a detailed manner

1. TOR Browser

Most people use this browser in order to get access to dark web websites. It is free of cost and easy to utilize. So, it works the same as Google or Yahoo, which is used to find a Clearnet website. Similarly, the TOR directory is used to find websites on the darknet.

2. VPN Software

When someone thinks about the usage of the deep web, they may be overwhelmed with certain types of questions such as:

  • Is it safe to use the deep web
  • Am I secure or not, and lots more

Make sure that you can’t put yourself in trouble while using this dark section of the internet. Security is always your priority. That’s why you should run these sites through VPN software. It is 100%secure. Nowadays, many VPN services are available in the market. Select according to your choice and safely start browsing.

A Serious Warning about Onion Sites

Extra care is required when using onion sites; otherwise, you put yourself in danger. Much horrifying content is available on the darknet. Before clicking on any links, thoroughly read the description, then start your job of searching.

Quick Summary about Searching of Dark Web with TOR Browser

  • First of all, run your VPN software
  • After this launch, your TOR browser

With VPN, You will get a new IP address before proceeding with the next steps.

  • Now Copy the onion link and paste it into the TOR directory
  • After this, press enter button
  • You will get a new window
  • Type or paste your question in the search box and get the results

In this way, you can search on the deep web and find various information; if you are not getting the results of your specific query, then use Reddit, which is known as the index front page. Paste your question in the search box; press enters and gets different subreddit links.

Now the open one that you think is relevant to your question. Reddit has an upvote system; here, you can search for anything quickly without any trouble. Hopefully, after reading this section, you have gained enough confidence about how to find dark web links. Let’s move toward the next section of our article.

Darknet and Its Links

Below we are listing trendy darknet links. But keep in mind before browsing dark websites, always run your VPN services. Let’s discuss links of different categories in a detailed manner.

1. Forums Deep Web Links

This updated guide gives you an idea of different deep web forum links. All of these links assist you in increasing your knowledge about the deep web. All of these links are stable and working correctly.

i. World Market Forum

It is one of the most recognized names in the dark web industry. All transactions and trades are restricted in the forum. So, this specialty reduces the chances of users getting scammed. It was established recently. The World Market Forum does not have a growing population yet.

ii. Extreme Forum Marketplace

Its UI is the same as a forum. The reason behind its establishment is to facilitate buying and selling of different products. This market has approximately 167 members.

iii. Korum

As the name clearly describes that the site is Korean. There is no requirement for registration or sign-up. Anyone can visit and post anything. It contains a large number of posts, and all of them are in Korean.


You can read all Reddit posts on this unique site. The best part is that you don’t need to sign up. Even this site doesn’t require any personal data from you. You can read all the information in complete detail with total privacy.

Darknet and Its Links

v. InterExchange

One of the best dark web communities. Now you may think, why? Because you can get all the information here. You can also ask your query openly. A lot of meaningful information is available here that increases your knowledge and confidence as well about the dark web. Now the question is, what type of information will you get here?

  • Best dark web searches
  • The browser of the dark web
  • Hidden wiki URL

vi. Merovech Forum Club

It was created to let all users chat with each other. Well, the Merovech Forum club does not have a lot of members. Only 21 registered users use it now! Furthermore, 800 plus posts and 324 plus topics are available here.

vii. The Hub

This forum doesn’t accept registration currently. If we talk about the about page, it looks like a promotion for the forum software. While already existing members still utilize it.

viii. Shadow Forums

It has only one topic of practical importance, such as “clothing and footwear .”One should require no registration for the use of this forum. You can easily access and browse it. It has only 30 posts and 50 active members.

ix. WWHClub

In this forum, the Russian language is used. It sells different types of data, such as:

  • PayPal
  • Card data
  • Proxies etc

Currently, it has 188 804 registered users. It means accessing and browsing this forum requires registration.

x. French World

It is considered one of the most prominent French forums. It contains unique topics like:

  • Shipping
  • Weapons
  • Carding
  • Ransomware

xi. Dark Web Police

Here the dark web Products are tested. For the increment of sales, vendors require approval from the forum. This forum is only available for registered users.

xii. Greki

It is a Russian-based forum. Greki has about 9500 members. Its primary topics include:

  • Money making guides
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Proxies

xiii. Italian Deep Web

Only registered members can access this forum. It is an Italian-based forum. Its registration form is not too short, and sometimes the captcha does not work correctly.

xiv. Best Carding World

It is not the best forum as compared to others. This forum has 7000 members. Here 4000 posts are available. The primary discussion topics of this forum include:

  • Hacking and carding

xv. Core

This forum has not had many registered members. Currently, it has only 214 registered users. Its primary topic includes:

  • Hacking and scam
  • Dark web markets etc

Only 59 posts are available now.

2. Carding Deep Web Links

This section helps you a lot to increase your information about:

  • Bitcoin mixing
  • Deep web tumbler
  • Bitcoin credit card dumps etc

Let’s delve into the details of the topic.

i. Skimmer Service

This site sells ATM skimmers, pre-cloned cards, etc. It has only one admin, and no third person is allowed to sell products. You have to send an email address to place an order. Now the question is what type of cash it accepts. For payments, you can use:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin cash etc

ii. Bitcoin Wallets

All hacked and stolen Bitcoin accounts are sold here. Here the amount is fixed for account selling, such as 50BTC. The process is completely automated. You don’t need any registration. Once the payment is made, the downloaded link is working correctly. After paying, you can also be able to see the information of the admin.

iii. Shop Cards

This marketplace is based on finance. It sells different types of cards. They have a fixed limit to sell cards per day, such as 80. One can purchase several cards, such as:

  • USD
  • CAD
  • EUR
  • AmEx

The process is not automated. You have to send an email to the admin to place an order.

iv. Quick Money

PayPal transfers and cards are sold on this site. One can shop both physical and digital card dumps from here. Its payment mode is Bitcoin. The process is entirely automated and doesn’t require any filling of the registration forms.

v. Asia Transfer

All types of financial services are sold here. In the initial stage, the services that they sell include:

  • Western Union accounts
  • PayPal transfers
  • Credit cards and lots more

Primarily it presents its services to Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Pakistan, etc. It does not support automated orders. You have to send your email to place an order. Furthermore, its payment mode is Bitcoin.

vi. Alpha Team

This marketplace is also based on financial services. It sells:

  • PayPal transfers
  • Western Union transfers
  • Credit cards etc

The payment mode is Bitcoin. You can place an order through mail, or automated orders are also accepted.

vii. MoneyPlus

This market deals with digital financial products. The items include:

  • Dumps
  • Gifts cards
  • Money etc

Moreover, PayPal transfers are also available here. No registration is required.

viiI. Dark Tools

This site sells only digital data-based credit cards. It also requires no registration, and the process is completely automated.

ix. VendorCC

This site is also dedicated to selling cards. Its cards selling services include:

  • VISA
  • MasterCards
  • Amex cards etc

The process is also completely automated. In case of dead cards, refunds offering are available.

x. Covid Market

The name of this site is clear; it was established during the pandemic situation in 2019. This site has a very excellent interface. It also only accepts BTC payment modes.

xi. Unique Opportunities

This site sells physical cards. Two main types of cards are available such as:

  • Chip card
  • Chip+magnetic strip card

It also offers various discounts. You will get a 30%discount after buying 50 cards. Bitcoin is the only payment mode. The process is not automated. You have to place an order by sending an email.

xii. Gemini Cards

This site sells virtual credit cards. No physical shipment is made. It also used Bitcoin to make payments. The method of placing orders is entirely automated.

xiii. Premium Market

This site is related to financial items. Its selling services include:

  • PayPal accounts
  • eBay gift cards
  • Credit cards
  • Western Union transfers and lots more

The payment mode is wholly based on Bitcoin.

xiv. Shop Cards

At the time of establishment, this site sells only cards. But later on, it also sells different financial products. Now its selling services include:

  • Cards
  • Western Union transfers
  • PayPal accounts etc

One of the features that this market offers is free regular shipping. The order process is semi-automated. One should have a manual place to place an order.

xv. Bit Cards

It sells physical cards and offers discounts on buying 2+cards. The method of order is not automated. Manual email is compulsory to place an order.

3. Drug Deep Web Links

In this portion, we have discussed some drug sites on the dark side of the Internet. Drugs are sensitive items; one shouldn’t shop for them without a doctor’s suggestion. The dark web sells different types of legal and illegal drugs.

i. Cartel Market

This market contains almost 4000 drug items. Several types are available here, such as:

  • Tobacco
  • Ecstasy
  • Alcohol
  • Benzos
  • Psychedelics

The payment mode of this site is BTC and XMR.

ii. Dope King

This marketplace has only one admin. Its selling products include:

  • Hash
  • DMT
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis
  • LSD etc

In order to order the item, you have to register yourself. At the same time, anyone browsing is free of charge. This site only accepts Bitcoin as payment.

iii. Courier Market

The selling product of this market includes all items, including drugs. Different kinds of drugs are available here. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Opiates
  • Bezos
  • Ecstasy
  • Cannabis

This site also accepts Bitcoin for payments. Well, if you want access to products, then registration is compulsory.

iv. New Shit

This site only sells two products:

  • Tablets
  • Pills

This site does not require any registration. The process of placing an order is fully automated. It only accepts BTC for payment.

v. The Pot Shop

It is clear from the name what type of product this site sells, such as pot. This site has only one admin with 15 single listings. It also demands a shipping fee. And shipping service is available globally. Well, for a $100+ order, there are no shipping charges.

vi. The Orange

This site contains many products. It has no registration process for browsing products. The Orange accepts payment through Bitcoin and Monera.

vii. CJNG

This market sells cocaine in the drug industry. It accepts payment via BTC and XMR. No registration process is required.

viii. Smart

It is one of the leading drug markets run by a single admin. In order to place an order, you don’t need registration. The ordering process is completely automated. It accepts payment via:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monera
  • Ripple
  • Tron etc

ix. Phoenix Market

Many drugs and tablets are available in this market. It accepts payment via

  • BTC
  • LTC
  • XMR

You need to fulfill the process of registration to place an order.

x. Liberty Market

This is a fully-featured darknet market that contains many products along with drugs. It accepts payment via:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monera

4. Email Deep Web Links

We all know that standard email doesn’t support privacy. To ensure anonymity, many TOR email links are available on the dark side of the internet.

i. CounterMail

This mail provider service is based in Sweden. It provides you with the feature of security and privacy for communication. It also offers various features such as:

  • IP-leak prevention
  • Anti-MITM attack

ii. Underwood

It is a fully secure and private email service. One can access it through the TOR network. The registration process is quick and free of charge. No third party gets access to the email data.

iii. Elude

This service does not require any personal information for signing up. This platform is also safe and secure for communication. Both desktop and mobile apps are available.

iv. Volatile

It offers chat, email, and info services. We don’t have an idea how to utilize this service. If you have any information, then please tell us in the comment section.

v. AnonInbox

Most reputable, valuable, and trusted service for your mailbox. If you are looking for a secure email service, then consider it. It also offers many unique features, and the user’s security is the priority.

How to find if Your Information is on The Dark Web

As we mentioned earlier, a tiny fraction of the internet you perceive and experience every day is known as the surface web. The remaining portion is known as the deep web. You will definitely hear thousands of stories about this dark place on the internet.

Furthermore, it is a little bit difficult to access the dark side of the internet if you do not know about it. If you are suffering from a situation where your user details are sold on it, quickly change your passwords. Also, keep an eye on several online banking activities, etc. Now the question is how to know that your information is on the dark side of the internet. Let’s get into the details!

The dark place of the internet deals with different types of activity like:

Phoenix Market

  • Online banking details
  • Child pornography
  • Credit card details
  • Human trafficking
  • Selling of drugs
  • Social security numbers and many more

How One Can Know That Their Data is on the Dark Web?

You can quickly get information about your data available on the dark web or not through the HIBP website or “Have I Been Pwned.” This service is free of cost. You just need to search by using your phone number or email address. If your data is sold online, then you will get many alert signs such as:

  • You might observe unusual activity in your bank statement
  • Or some suspicious activity with email accounts

No matter how little or severe the condition is. You should take it seriously.

Besides this, one can also take a proactive approach by

  • engaging in dark web monitoring
  • Deep web scans
  • Setting scan of the deep web

One should also take a proactive approach to save data and personal information from hackers. Check your rating on a regular basis and keep active all the time. Make it clear if your data is available on this dark place of the internet, then it is complicated to remove it. Most of the websites on the deep web don’t last for a more extended period. So, scammers use your information multiple times to get tremendous profit. Always remain active and careful and take a proactive approach.

What to Do if Ones Find Their Data on Dark Web

You can’t remove your data from here permanently but adopting the following steps reduces the risk of danger. Let’s start to discuss what to do if you find your data in the dark place of the internet.

1. Comprehensive Malware Scans

If you observe any suspicious sign that your data is available on the darknet, scan all devices for malware. If you end up with any type of virus or trojans, then clean your device correctly. You can also take security services if your sensitive business data leaks. This step may reduce the risk of danger.

2. Change Passwords as Soon as Possible

Try to use strong passwords rather than your name etc. Don’t use your birth date, phone number, or anything else as a password that scammers can guess utilizing your information available online. Don’t use one password for multiple accounts.

Every account should have a different password. If you use one password for different accounts, hackers instantly hack all your accounts. Set passwords that are the mixtures of integers, lowercase, uppercase, and unique letters. If your information goes online, then change your all accounts password first.

3. Review Your Credit Report

Monitoring your credit card helps you to identify any suspicious activity. Monitor your online accounts and credit cards properly. You may observe an excessive drop in your credit score. This decreasing score is the sign that alerts you about some illegal activity.

How One Can Know That Their Data is on the Dark Web?

4. Remain Active in Social Engineering Attacks

Always stay alert to social engineering campaigns. Criminals will target different types of scams if your information is available online. In this way, they will get more information. It is best to avoid sharing too much information online. Don’t click on any suspicious links. Do a proper investigation before clicking on the dark web links. Also, avoid answering different questions in memes.

5. Freeze Your Credit

You can also block your credit report by asking through credit bureaus. This step also protects you from further danger. In this way, no one opens new accounts with your name. All of this happens because of frozen credit reports. Most credit bureaus offer this feature without any cost. So, one should take advantage of it.

Now, if you apply for a new credit card, it is crucial to unfreeze credit reports. For this purpose, You can also sign up for a fraud alert. Do all possible steps to protect yourself against serious threats.

6. Add SIM-Swapping Protection

Threat actors use the SIM-swapping strategy. This method is similar to swapping your SIM to make your account active. MFA codes that are received in your mobiles help to access the accounts. If your cell phone has a security advantage, you may save yourself from trouble.

7. Notify Credit Bureaus

If you observe that your data leaks online, then inform the credit bureaus instantly, such as:

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion

They all have many options to stop raid credit requests. This includes two-factor authentication. Sometimes it is also vital to track charges on your credit card. These cards are the center of hackers’ attraction. So, extra care is always needed to avoid scams.

8. Be Wary of Setting TM the Apps

Most mobile apps are harmful, especially for sensitive data. Many apps require access to your contacts, media, location, photos, etc. Some apps also request access to your camera and microphone. Not all, but some mobile apps may have malware that is used to collect your data and sell it to criminals. To avoid danger, quickly change the setting of your mobile phone and android.

9. Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA)

MFA recognizes users by using more than one authentication strategy. You can better understand it with the following example:

  • In order to log in to your bank account, you can utilize the Google authentication app

Whenever you recognize through codes, different entities know you are familiar with your username and password. In this way, you also have complete control of the device.

If your username or account goes online on the dark web, then multi-factor authentication makes sure that no stranger gets access to your account. MFA ensures security in different ways like:

  • Email
  • Facial recognition
  • Fingerprint
  • Push notifications
  • SMS etc

Above all these, emails and SMS are the least secure options.

Many citizens avoid the dark web due to its danger. But remember, one thinks that not all the activity on this online dark place is illegal. Journalists also use this platform to keep their information safe and secure. Unfortunately, most people who know the dark web think that the dark web has a bad reputation, but not always it’s true!

You all have to take a proactive approach to keep yourself safe. Always follow security precautions!

Dark Web Market List 2022

Below we have elaborated the list of all the best dark web markets. So, keep reading this section to increase your knowledge about the market list of dark net 2022.

1. ViceCity Market

This market dark net is considered the most trusted marketplace. It is a solid darknet market. This market is gaining fame day by day. It has about 1500 listings, with the number growing daily. ViceCity market is expected to grow further and compete with other big players.

2. Mega Market

It is a Russian marketplace. After its establishment in 2016, it was not growing. But now the situation has changed completely. Now Mega market has about 26000 active sellers. One of the largest marketplaces was Hydra, whose popularity also increased drastically. But nowadays, Mega started to increase in popularity.

3. Kingdom Market

It is one of the new markets on the darknet. After its launch, it gained some popularity. One can find all products here, such as drugs, hacking tools, etc. You can access it by using the onion network. It is straightforward to use and looks new and modern. Different types of cryptocurrencies can be deposited into your account wallets, such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Monera
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash etc

This marketplace also has a feature of PGP that can be utilized for 2FA login.

4. Tor2door Market

This is the new market of the dark net that was established in June 2022. A new unique design technique is involved in the formation of this market. It claims that its primary priority is the security of its user. Tor2door is easy to use not for old members but also beginners. If you are searching for a significant market these days, then Tor2door is for you; that has about 400 listings at the initial stage. It is expected that this marketplace will rapidly increase in growth in the future.

5. Cypher Market

This is also one of the great darknet markets. The aim of this market is to provide a good experience and ease to their users instead of gaining popularity. One can find all types of products here, from illegal drugs to digital books. It also has dangerous substances like other marketplace.

Dark Web Market List 2022

6. Cocorico Market

It is the France-based new brand marketplace. Cocorino is small but gained good popularity after its establishment. This market mainly focuses on French consumers. But international users can also use it. This marketplace also accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monera.

7. Bohemia Market

The design of this market is more modern than the traditional darknet market. It also accepts cryptocurrencies such as BTC and XMR. Bohemia is one of the kinds of markets on the dark net because of its security features. It also provides the conventional escrow system. You can purchase multiple products in just one transaction. This feature makes this market easy to utilize.

8. AlphaBay Market

AlphaBay market is a huge surprise for many users. No one thinks that this market will be established again after being choked by law enforcement. It is one of the most reputable and trusted markets that has almost 10,000 listings. AlphaBay gained popularity drastically. This place has approximately 175,000 users. Visitors can access it through the TOR directory. In order to gain the trust of the user again, administrators use original PGP keys.

9. Heineken Express Market

This market has recently opened its site shop. You can view different categories without login in. So, it is simple to utilize, and no requirement for login. You can check offers and pricing in simple ways. You can find different types of drugs in their shop, such as:

  • Bezos
  • Cannabis
  • Ketamine
  • Stimulants
  • Psychedelics

The search option for this market is simple. You can easily find the different products that you are looking for. Customers can also leave feedback so that anyone can quickly know the worth of the product.

10. DarkFox Market

This market is also new, the same as other darknet markets. Many services and products are available in this market, such as fraud services, drug sales, etc. This market offers a wide variety of features, including escrow support. DarkFox also offers PGP support.

11. ASAP Market

It is one of the large-sized darknet markets. It also offers several types of features. The initial name of this market was the ASEAN market. It also has developed a strategy for the recognition of scamming vendors.

The administrators of this market also have an active presence on the dread forum that assists in solving a variety of complexities. This market carries a good enough digital selection. You can easily visit the market without any requirement of login. It has approximately 17,000 listings that show ASAP is one of the largest darknet markets. Categorized listings of this market are mentioned below:

  • Stimulants
  • RCs
  • Cannabis and Hush
  • Steroids
  • Fraud
  • Weight loss
  • Ecstasy
  • Drug paraphernalia and lots more

How to Use Dark Web Links

As we mentioned earlier, safety must be your priority. The dark web is the place where legal and illegal activities happen. So, extra care is needed to protect yourself from scams. Access this place safely through a VPN. It is the software that provides you with security properly.

VPN also saves your data to get online on the dark web. With its use, you can access the dark web through several IP addresses. Make sure that no one recognizes you online. We recommend you use NordVPN, which is easy and fast to use.


How to Get Access to the Dark Web

The dark web is not similar to other portions of the internet, i.e., the surface web. Many pitfalls come when we talk about the dark web. In order to access this dark place of the internet, follow the following points.

  • The first step is to take, download and install the TOR directory
  • For extra online security, also use VPN
  • Launch the TOR software
  • It does not permit any script to run
  • For extra security, adjust the browser security level
  • Now visit the dark web website that you want and get an answer to your queries

These are the simple steps one should follow to access the dark web safely. After accessing, one should also be familiar with how to browse dark web links. Don’t skip the following section to learn about the question mentioned above.

Guideline About Safely Browse the Dark Web Links

Keep remembering that the dark web is not a safe place, so safety precautions are always required to avoid the risk of danger. A good antivirus keeps you secure. Below mentioned 15 steps assist you in browsing links safely.

1. Before Browsing, Make Sure What You Want

Hopefully, you know that many bad activities also happen on the dark web besides good things. This website is full of scammers and malware. If you don’t follow the safety measures, malware may infect your computer. This is harmful to you. And you may lose your money and sensitive information.

So, before browsing, it is essential to know what you want. Or what type of information you want to get from this dark internet place. If you are clear about what you want to discover, it means you better prepare yourself.

  • If you have the desire to earn profit through Bitcoin, you must get knowledge of how it works. It is also important to know how to deal with users
  • If you are browsing dark web links only for excitement, then you must know the safety precautions

How to Use Dark Web Links

2. Live Mobile Operating system

For everyone, safety is essential. So, anonymity is the thing to save you on the darknet. Anonymity is directly related to security. Most Windows don’t keep you secure on the deep web. In the case of using Windows following things happened:

  • Continually scanning your data
  • Your system is automatically linked to the third party
  • Your search results, calendar information, audio messages, and lots more are filled in by Cortona
  • Your identity, passwords, and all type of data is collected by Microsoft

If hackers hack your device, then all of this information is shown by that scammer. So, using the live mobile operating system to enhance security is good. It may include:

  • Tails: Live version of Linux OS. It won’t leave any trace of your presence or activity. Also, it is not difficult to download it.
  • Whonix: It is similar to tails. It makes faster the process of logging in and out on the dark web
  • ZeusGard: It is also the alternative to tails
  • Qubes: It is a single-user OS. You can increase your safety through Qubes US

Here we want to tell you one thing: all of these Live mobile operating systems don’t support VPN software. So, it is your choice to use live OS or not!

3. Use VPN for Security Purposes

Besides using TOR, your Internet traffic can still be traced. Did you know that in 2017 this directory was vulnerable due to the leakage of actual IP addresses? Linux users faced this problem.

They save their IP addresses if they use a VPN along with the TOR directory. This is the reason that we highly recommend the usage of a VPN when using darknet links. Now the question is, what does VPN do?

  • It encrypts your Internet traffic
  • It makes your presence on the dark web secure
  • Assure you that your IP address is hidden
  • Save your information from hacking

Do your research before buying the service VPN because it is compulsory that every provider is reliable. The free version of VPN software provides the following complexities:

  • Slow service
  • Data limits
  • Security leaks

Well, NordVPN works perfectly with the TOR directory.

4. Use the Official Website for Downloading TOR

This step is for those who don’t use live OS. Because the live operating system already has a pre-installed TOR browser. If you are one that is using live OS, then skip this section and move forward toward the next step.

However, those who use Windows, Android and Linux, etc., keep reading this point. One of the interesting targets for scammers is the TOR browser. Many fake versions of this software are available in the market that is not secure. So, one should download and install it from the official site.

Pro Tip: Always download the new version. One should also keep this browser up-to-date. The latest version assures your security well!

5. One Should Take Safety Precautions

It is essential to take caution before opening the TOR directory.

  • First of all, close all extra apps that are not used, such as Netflix, password managers, etc
  • Stop running unnecessary services
  • Use a good piece of paper to cover the webcam. It is not surprising that one can quickly get access to your webcam
  • Always keep the fully updated antivirus. It saves you from different types of malware
  • Make sure that you turn 9DC your location while using the device

It is easy to turn off the location. For this purpose, go to settings, click on privacy, and go to the location. Turn it off and also erase all location history.

  • In the case of Live OS, no worry about the leakage of the location.

6. Changing the Security Level of the TOR Browser

One should change the security level of the TOR browser to the safest. It is the highest setting of security. One of the drawbacks of this setting is that it slows down your Internet connection. With this setting, some websites don’t function properly. Most of the audio and video features become disabled with this setting. Icons and fonts also don’t display correctly. Follow the below-mentioned steps to change the security level of TOR.

  • Go to the TOR browser and open it
  • Click on the icon placed in the upper right corner of the browser
  • Then click the advanced security setting
  • Select the safest security level

This option may disable JavaScrip on all the websites.

7. Check for IP or DNS Leak

First of all, one should know what IP or DNS leaks mean. It simply means that there are still chances that your IP address is traceable to a third person. You may suffer from this problem after taking all safety precautions.

So, check properly if there is an IP or WebRTC leak.

WebRTC is related to voice and video call communication. You can talk directly by using your webcam or microphone. Now the complexity is that your IP address may be hacked even if you use a VPN when you use it. People who use Google chrome face this problem.

8. Familiarize Yourself with Common Dark Web Myths

Keep yourself aware of all myths of the dark web. This knowledge reduces the risk of danger, and one can fall less prey to scammers. Some myths about the darknet are given below:

  • The dark web is the place of all cybercrime

It is not valid. The regular web is the place where most cybercrime occurs. Phishing and fraud are the 2 most common activities that happen on the surface web.

  • The dark web is an extensive part of the internet

It is also not true, as the dark web is relatively tiny compared to the deep web. Approximately 4,00000 websites are available on the dark web.

  • It is only for tech geeks

Proper precautions keep you safe on the dark web. VPN and many live OS available that are easy to utilize for all.

  • It is the illegal place

This is the most common myth about the dark web. This place is not illegal itself. Well, the directory that is used to access the dark web uses strong encryption that makes the dark web in some places. These countries involve China, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Iraq, etc

  • All activities on the dark web are illicit

Not all activities in the dark are illegal. It depends upon for which purpose people use it. It is also the place where excellent type of content is available that increases your knowledge. But at the same time, it is where drugs are sold. So, it depends upon you for which purpose you utilize the dark place of the internet.

9. Additional Anonymous Services

With all safety measures and precautions, it is still possible that your personal information leaked on the dark web using services like extensions, file-sharing, emails, etc. Most online services collect specific data from you through cookies, trackers, scripts, etc. It is good to take some safeguard services such as:

  • Private search engines: Instead of Google, DuckDuckGo is an excellent private search engine. This engine also shows websites that end with the .onion extension. Besides it, many other search engines also work on the dark web like Qwant, Startpage, SearX
  • Secure passwords are critical on the dark web rather than the standard web. You can get a good password manager that saves time and protects you from any hassle. Bitwarden and LessPass are free and best among others
  • Anonymous sharing: If you want to share or upload some data privately, then it is good to consider OnionShare. Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu can use it. With it, you can also share an extensive size the file
  • VoIP: Many services are available for video calling, like Linphone, that are free to use. It can be utilized for IOS, Android, Windows, etc. At the same time, Mumble is also a good video calling service, but it is slightly different from Linphone. It does record any history of conservation. Most gamers use this software. One can also use it for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, etc
  • Sending email securely: ProtonMail is a highly demanded email service. They have end-to-end encryption. If you are looking for a safer option for email, then encrypted email is good to consider. It doesn’t have a rigid data limit. You can create more than one account without any hassle. You can also create a temporary email address with many features, such as the first one for any website, and you can create your online account. This type of email address includes Guerrillamail etc


Making an extra mail account for browsing the dark web is not compulsory. Just ensure that your existing account has standard safety measures that reduce the risk of danger. You can make your standard email account more secure by adding additional services like Mailvelope.


  • Anonymous office services: Etherpad is an excellent alternative to Google Docs. It provides more security. The best part is that you don’t need any login for its usage. A cryptid is also an excellent option to consider. It is used for writing texts, creating sheets, etc. You can also make a presentation through it.
  • File encryption: It is safe to download files from the dark web and encrypt them. PeaZip is one of the valuable and reliable tools used for this purpose. It can support 181 different file types. macOS users don’t use this tool
  • Sending secret messages: It is good to consider Ricochet and Signal for sending anonymous messages. TorChat is also good to consider. With it, you can chat with anyone without registration. It assigns you a numerical ID. You have to send this ID to the second person and start talking. It provides you with a more safe environment

Additional Anonymous Services

10. Avoid Payment and Subscriptions

Anonymity is best to consider for safely browsing dark web links. Don’t take such steps through which your anonymity becomes compromised. During the usage of the dark web, it is not safe to log into your online bank account. We recommend you not to log into any account while using the dark place of the internet.

Now you think that some websites need accounts for access. Yes, it is valid for this purpose to create a disposable email account. Make sure that this temporary account doesn’t recognize your identity. Use it and across to the website. During the formation of an account, don’t use your real name, date of birth, location, etc. Don’t plugin while using the dark web. This action puts you in serious trouble by leaking your sensitive information.


11. One Should Know Where They Are Going

We know that it is difficult to navigate this dark place of the internet. It is not wise to randomly click on any link on the dark web. It contains many dangers that put you in serious trouble. And one should avoid it.

If you want to know about the direction of the deep web, then you can take guidance from many directory sites. Hidden Wiki is the primary place that most people visit. Besides this, you can also better navigate the dark web with the use of other sites such as:

  • Search
  • DuckDuckGo
  • StartPage

12. Use Cryptocurrency

In the above section, we discuss different dark web markets. You can buy all types of products from the darknet market. Silk Road is famous for selling drugs and illegal items. But you can also get legal items on the dark web. Anonymity also assists you in the case of online payments such as cryptocurrency.

Both sellers and buyers remain more anonymous with cryptocurrency. Someone who wants a transaction through a regular bank account may be a scammer or hacker. There are many cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin is one of the most famous. Most of you are familiar with it. There are many privacy issues with Bitcoin, such as:

  • Address reuse
  • Cookies
  • Blockchain
  • Connecting nodes etc

It is pretty hard to recognize someone through Bitcoin. One of the good options is to utilize privacy-focused coins. Besides this, many other options are available like:

  • Monera
  • Zcash

Be careful while buying something from the dark web. Don’t put yourself in trouble and become the prey of criminals. Always remember the country’s laws before buying anything from the dark web.

13. After Using Close Everything

When completing your work on the dark web, close every tab properly. It may include:

  • All browser windows
  • Any other related content the TOR browser
  • If you use a live operating system such as Tails etc., then also close it properly
  • Go back to your regular OS after shutting down each tab

After browsing the dark web links, one should also do a quick robot system. This smart action keeps you safe and secure.


14. Always Know That The Usage of the Dark Web is Not 100% Safe

After following all safety precautions and measures, it has no guarantee that you are adequately safe on the darknet. Hackers are well-trained and always find new ways to hack the system. It means you have to be aware all the time and don’t click on any corrupted links.

Besides all this, once your system has been infected with some virus, you are no longer safe. We can simply say that there are many things to do to keep your identity hidden on the dark web, but nothing is foolproof.

15. Consult Chat Sites And Online Guides etc

It is a little bit complex to find your way on the dark side of the internet. That’s why we have mentioned this point. You can get help from other resources such as blogs, chat sites, online guides, search engines, etc. Be careful and active all the time. Some darknet sites will infect your system with viruses. So, use a pretty reliable website such as ProPublica. Don’t trust anyone; remember that nothing is entirely safe on the dark web. Be aware and use your common sense rather than believe in anyone!

Hopefully, this section increases your knowledge of remaining safe when browsing dark web links. How much one should keep aware always depends on what one wants to do. Be careful when clicking on links. Some of them may harm your system and leak your confidential information.

So, it is essential to take extreme protection. Always remain active regardless of your plan on the dark web. Clear all your knowledge about each aspect of the dark web before browsing it. If you are unsure about the usage of the dark web, then it is better to remain stuck to the regular web!

How to Use Dark Web Links on Android

One of the safest ways to access dark web links on Android is using the TOR directory. Hopefully, you are now familiar with what the TOR network is!

1. How to Access TOR on Android

For this purpose, you can use special programs. Many options are available such as:

  • Official TOR browser and Orbot and Orfox
  • Orbot and Orfox always work with each other

However, simply the TOR directory is also enough.

On mobile, this browser has many advantages:

  • It combines both repeater and browser features
  • It permits you to visit the normal site along with dark web website
  • You can easily download and install it through Google Play
  • Orbot permits selecting apps that combine work with TOR

You can download and install Orbot from its official site or Google play.

2. Guideline About Setup TOR on Android

It is pretty simple and easy.

  • First of all, download the TOR browser
  • Install it on your smartphone

If you start the application the very first time, a repeater window with a button will show in the central part of the screen.

  • Go to the bulb and press the VPN switch below
  • After this, enter the address of the website. Manually this action is quite difficult

So, you can use the DuckDuckGo search engine to find resources.

  • If you download Orbot run VPN for extra protection
  • Use the app as usual

It may be possible that your smartphone doesn’t support the TOR browser. In this vase, use bridges that can establish the connection.

Some Safety Precautions

  • Before accessing the dark web links, check your IP address and basic information about your connection


For this purpose, is best to check IP addresses. If it is changed, then all ok you can start to use links.

  • Keep in mind that everything in this world can be tracked and hacked. Hackers have tricks to hack your information. So, use VPN along with TOR on your smartphone
  • Use the DuckDuckGo search engine that is the same as Google, Yahoo, etc
  • Don’t use your real email account when accessing the TOR browser

We hope this section assists you with how to access dark web links on Android safely. Remain attentive all the time!

How to Use Dark Web Links on iPhone

It is also quite simple and easy to access, the same as on the Windows system. You just need the NordVPN and TOR directories. With these tools, start navigating the dark web websites. NordVPN is risk-free. Follow the below-mentioned points and access dark web links on the iPhone.

  • Use a reliable VPN service. We recommend you use NordVPN

It can protect your privacy well. We strongly recommend it to use if you want to access dark web links on your iPhone. It hides your IP address and location.

  • Use Onion Browser

We all know that dark web links cannot be accessed through regular search engines. You need a special browser to see them.

  • Search onion browser from the app store
  • Download and install it
  • Open it. Select any location on the map
  • Click on quick connect
  • Open onion browser
  • Click on connect to TOR
  • Choose a security level such as moderate level and start searching

It is always risky to use dark web links. So, here your smartness matters a lot. Be attentive and take all safety measures.

How to Use Dark Web Links on iPhone

Good Use of Dark Web Links

We all hear that the dark web is not secure. Many people use it for illegal purposes such as drug selling etc. But wait! Every picture has two sides. The same is true for the dark web. It also has many legitimate uses. Let’s take a look at which legal purposes it can be used for.

1. Anonymous Email Services

Many encrypted email services are available on the regular web. Users are looking for extra security on the dark web. ProtonMail, supported by the TOR directory, is the best email service on the dark side of the internet.

  • Protects user privacy
  • Combats censorship
  • Avoid the surveillance of their users

Some other email services are mentioned below:

  • Torbox
  • Mail2Tor

2. Getting Academic Content

Most academic content is prohibitive to access. You have to pay for academic research. The American Journal of Freestanding Psychology solves this complexity. You can get several academic papers on its sites without a single penny. So, you can increase your knowledge by reading these academic papers on the dark web.

3. Cryptocurrency Wallets Security

There are many benefits of Bitcoin. But did you know every transaction through it is traceable? So, one can enhance the anonymity of Bitcoin transactions through different dark web services.

  • Wasabi Wallet
  • Shadow Wallet

Both use coin joins and tumbling techniques to increase security and make it difficult to trace the transaction.

4. Listen to Online Radio

Several radio sites are available on the dark side of the internet. You can choose a station according to your need, mood, and choices. Deep web radio is one of the famous radio sites.

5. Access Social Media

In this modern era, everyone has social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Many social media platforms are available on the dark web. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • BlackBook
  • Galaxy
  • TorBook

It is wonderful to know that Facebook and Twitter have launched minor sites on the dark side of the internet. If you want to avoid government monitoring, you can use it.

6. Take Part in Chat Boards

Do you know that the dark web is the home of chat boards? You can easily talk with anyone anonymously. Paradise is the most famous forum on the dark side of the internet. You can easily discuss the social issues and complexities here!

7. Niche Content

The dark web also has many niche sites. Chess is famous among all others. It permits you to play chess against unknown people.

8. Use Ad-free search engines

Search engines are an important part of the internet. Through it, people can quickly get the answer to their queries. Most of the results are accompanied by advertisements. It can distract your attention from your query. Some search engines on the dark web, such as DuckDuckGo, are best to use. Advertisements do not accompany search results.

Good Use of Dark Web Links

9. Contacting Journalists With Anonymity

Whistleblowers always want to meet with journalists under the veil of anonymity. For such purposes, the dark web is also a good place. Many communication software is available on the dark side of the internet, such as SecureDrop. It is supported by the TOR network to provide anonymity between journalists and you.

10. Visit News Outlets

Sometimes the international government blocks news websites. In such cases, the dark web is a handy tool that assists you in accessing news websites easily. ProPublica is a news organization that was established in 2016.

11. Protect Your Online Identity

In most cases, people want to access different sites without revealing themselves. This may be due to political censorship. Some want to hide their identity to protect themselves from criminals. The dark web is the place that hides your real identity. But extra care is always needed when using different websites on the dark web.

12. It Stores and Protects Data

Accessing the dark web through the TOR browser and VPN provides you with extreme security. The dark web has many features. The TOR network is excellent for avoiding the national firewall.

Bad Uses of Dark Web Links

For many criminals, the dark web is a safe place to commit different types of crimes. Some illegal uses of the dark web are mentioned below.

  • You can buy guns and drugs illegally on the dark web
  • Many online marketplaces sell hacked passwords and bank accounts
  • Illegal pornography is available on the dark web
  • People access the child abuse images
  • It is the place that promotes terrorism

Dark Web Latest Statistics 2022

Most of you are overwhelmed with the question: how much of the internet consists of the dark web? So, some darknet statistics are mentioned below. Hopefully, this stat increases your knowledge well.

  • India is a country whose population uses the loss of darknet platforms
  • The credit card number cist on the dark side of the internet is as little as $9
  • Payment data cost as little as $270
  • Approximately 48% of the Internet consists of dark web accounts
  • Pistols are the most common listed guns on the dark side of the internet
  • About 50,0000 extremist terrorism groups exist on the dark web
  • One of the largest darknet marketplaces is Empire. It has listings of over 6,000 products
  • According to 2022 statistics of dark web market share is approximately 6%
  • Only 4% of the internet represents the regular web
  • Most people don’t have exact knowledge about the dark web

Is Using Dark Web Links 100% illegal?

This section clears your misconception about: is it illegal to visit dark web websites. You have heard many things about the dark web. You may think it is an illegal place because of many illicit activities that happened in it, such as:

  • Hacking
  • Drug trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Terrorism and lots more!

Now the question is, are dark web links 100% illegal? The straightforward answer is no. It is not illegal in many places. Most people use dark web websites for good purposes such as to get academic knowledge and lots more! But engaging in certain activities on the dark web is illegal, as mentioned earlier. In most countries, accessing the dark web is illegal. Some of the countries are mentioned below:

  • China
  • Russia
  • Iran

But the dark web is not illicit itself. Well, it all depends upon you what you do on it. Accessing and using the links of the dark web is legal. But you should also keep in mind that lots of illegal stuff are available there.

Is the TOR directory illegal?

Same as above TOR directory is not illegal. It is the software that uses the dark web safely. People access it through the TOR browser to keep themselves safe and secure from scammers and criminals. No one can identify your real identity on the dark web!

Is it true only Criminals Use Dark Web Links?

Here we are going to clear your misconception about dark web links. No, not only criminals use dark web websites. Many journalists, intelligence agencies, and the government use links for good purposes. Besides all of them, different human rights organizations also use dark web links.

Things Could You Put in Danger through Dark Web

As we mentioned earlier, proper knowledge is necessary to access the dark web safely. Many hackers and scammers are available here that treat you financially and steal your sensitive information. Some links on darknet sites are not reliable. So, don’t click any random link without proper knowledge. So, be careful and keep attentive when browsing the links.

Do Dark Web Links Help You?

Yes, the darknet links help you in many ways, such as:

  • A journalist can easily exchange information in an environment of privacy and security
  • Suppose you live in a country where the government bans the use of social media apps such as Facebook. I’m such cases; you can access the information quickly through the dark web
  • The dark web also provides a secure environment for military communication

In a nutshell, dark web links are helpful at the government, military, journalist, and individual levels. Many people use dark web websites to do academic research.

Is Dark Web Ghost or Not?

Yes, the dark web is a ghost because you need special software such as a TOR browser to get access. It is not indexed on conventional search engines, so most people don’t know about it. But wait! Dark web links are not 100% hidden. Many people are familiar with dark web websites. It also has many active users that use it for legal and illegal purposes.

The Bottom Line

Many citizens avoid the dark web. But not all activity on the dark web is illegal. Most people use it for safety purposes. They prefer to remain anonymous. Journalists also prefer these sites to keep information safe and secure. Unfortunately, the security and anonymity awarded to dark web users have a bad image due to criminals.

In this modern threat landscape, we all have to take precautions and remain attentive all the time. Your common sense and proper knowledge about the links save your data leakage on the dark web. We only designed this post for the purpose of education and learning. Don’t perform any illicit activity. It’s all up to you what you do on the dark web!