Things you will find on the Dark Web in 2023




The dark web is often alluded to as an illegal version of the web that is home to crime and immoral activities. This is a grave exaggeration and leads people to have limited information about how dark web links work. In fact, the very reason why crime is so prevalent on the dark web is because of the lack of awareness among most people about how the dark web links work.

While it may be true that the dark net allows you to access onion links which are not accessible to regular search engines, the mysteriousness of the dark net has a lot to do with privacy and searching for information that the mainstream media does not provide.

A special type of hi-tech search engine is required to help you access the dark net and read articles, news and browse archives, all without your activities being tracked by corporations such as Google. The fact of the matter is that the dark web is a place on the internet that is less policed in comparison to the World Wide Web that we know of. The information available on the dark net or the dark net in itself is not evil, or immoral but it is how one uses it.

This article is not a defense of the dark web links but it looks into the myriad of things you can find on the dark net, including but not limited to the ‘good things’. In this article, we have provided a number of things you can search for on the dark net based on popularity. These are some of the things you can access, be it from your phone or you’re desktop.


What is the Dark Web? 


Before we can jump into the popular links, let’s quickly recap what the dark web is.


Dark Web vs. Deep Web

The terms dark web, dark net, and deep web are often used interchangeably. It is safe to say that they are not one and the same. The deep web is the part of the internet that is accessed through private databases. You can use emails, and digital wallets, without being indexed by search engines and have your identity protected with the security walls and authentication forms.

The deep web is used by entities such as the government and powerful corporations. The dark web or dark net is a part of the deep web. An obscure corner that can only be accessed by users through the Tor browser. Believe it or not, the dark net is not illegal in many countries and you can download and use the Tor browser easily.


How was the dark web created? 

We can credit the inception of the dark web to the release of Freenet, a thesis project by Ian Clarke of University of Edinburgh. The goal of the project was to  create a “Distributed Decentralised Information Storage and Retrieval System.” The dark web was created as a means to share files anonymously and communicate without being tracked. The Tor project was released in 2008 following the inception of the dark web which allowed users to anonymously explore the dark web.


How does the dark web work? 

The dark web was once used by the United States Department of Defense to communicate anonymously but in this day and age, it is used by many who simply wish to remain anonymous. The dark net is also a playground for illegal activities. The reason why the darknet is so popular among those seeking anonymous communication and file sharing is that the sites accessed through Tor are routed through many different relay points in an attempt to cover the user’s tracks. When using the dark net your anonymity is often guaranteed.


What are some of the legal uses of dark web links? 

The dark net is not illegal to use. You can access it via the Tor browser which you can easily download and use. The dark net may be home to certain illegal activities but if you use it for the right reasons and protect your identity, you have got nothing to worry about.

There are certain countries where the approach to the dark net may differ. Censorship and scrutiny from the government are other important factor that you must take into consideration when browsing the dark net. The dark net is a place that you are better off using with caution. Taking necessary precautions such as using a VPN and updating your security software can make all the difference.


What are some of the illegal uses of dark web links? 

Speaking of taking caution, dark web links are home to many illicit and illegal activities. This means that you should tread carefully when you are on the dark web. There are many sites on the dark net that are used for illegal drugs, arson, terrorism, identity theft, pornography, and human trafficking. This is also one of the reasons why government scrutiny regarding the use of the dark web is so common. There are many cases of illegal websites being discovered and shut down in the past, such as the Silk Road, AlphaBay, and Hansa.

The dark net is also filled with hacking and phishing threats. There are many websites and links on the dark net that lead to nothing. And even more that are used to trick people into giving access to personal information. The dark net is not the surface web where search engines prioritize links with good content and authentic information while removing or penalizing broken links. The dark net has no system and that makes it a breeding ground for trouble.


How to browse the dark net safely? 

The dark net, also known as the dark net, or the black web is part of the web that is not indexed by regular search engines. You will need to use the Tor browser to access these websites with privacy and anonymity. The unregulated websites you find on the dark net could also be phishing links that can make you prey to hackers.

While there are many reasons why browsing the dark net is better than browsing the regular web, you can expose yourself to hackers, malware, and other threats that come with using the unregulated part of the internet. Even if you don’t get hacked, there is a good possibility of viruses and malware affecting your browsing experience.

Here is our fool-proof checklist for browsing the dark net safely. If you follow these rules, you can browse the dark net without worrying about hackers, malware, and more.

  • Confirm if the URL is correct with the directory before using it.
  • Apply strong passwords and alternative emails
  • Do not enter your personal information anywhere
  • Enhance security with a VPN and an Antivirus
  • Do not use proxy servers wherever possible
  • Your webcam and microphone should be covered at all times when using dark web links
  • Do not download anything
  • Avoid buying items, wherever possible
  • Run a dark net scan afterward to ensure there was no data leaked and no fraud committed. In case of either, report just like you would a regular crime


What are onion links?

The surface web has many websites that end in .com, .org and .net. The domain of the website says a lot about the kind of website and the authority of the website. In the case of the dark net, the authority websites end in .onion. Onion links are not just the top-level domain but they are encrypted to enable anonymous communication and hide your locations, ownership, and more. With onion sites, you can access your cryptocurrency wallet, an anonymous email and browse the dark web links without tipping off the government and giving up important information to hackers. There are many different links you can find on the dark net but it is the .onion links that you need to stick to in order to avoid getting scammed.


What are the best dark web links?

The dark net as we know it is populated with a large number of websites, files, and documents that are hidden under several layers of encryption. You can find records and archives that are not publicly accessible. You can get in touch with whistleblowers and activists regarding different topics without having your identity divulged using dark web links. There are many websites on the dark net that serve different purposes and can be useful from time to time.

Here are the things you can find on the dark net i.e., a list of the most popular websites on the dark web links.

  1. Haystack 

When browsing the surface web, the first and most important thing you will come across is the search engine i.e. Google. Well, Haystack is the Google of the dark net. You are in good hands if you have Haystack because it will help you find what you are looking for whilst filtering out dangerous links. If you are using the premium version you can get even better search results with filtered out historic versions of different sites and results better tailored to your search query. This will improve your dark net browsing experience tremendously and you can avoid phishing attempts.

  1. Daniel

Daniel is a resource bank that you need to consult when browsing dark web links. The directory contains over seven thousand onion links that have been categorized to give you better access and help you stay safe on the dark net. There are many great things about this search engine, but it will take a while to load.

Dark web links aren’t big on SEO. Can you imagine!

The great thing about Daniel is that even if it isn’t the fastest browser you have ever used, the links you find there will ensure your safety.

  1. Ahmia 

The dark net is all about research and finding out things that you couldn’t otherwise, using Google. Ahmia is a secure search engine that you can use to access dark web links but it also acts as a directory for statistics, insights, and news, and a directory for safe Tor links.

This is great for when you have a research project. If you are a journalist you will find that these types of sites on the dark net are extremely useful to you.

  1. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is the dark net version of Wikipedia. It is also known as the ‘unofficial Wikipedia’. The Hidden Wiki is an important website to visit on the dark net. Because it houses many of the .onion links that you will need when looking for services, content, and news. The Hidden Wiki is not censored so you might come across things you didn’t intend to see ranging from objectionable, and offensive to disturbing and quite dangerous. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Hidden Wiki and Wikipedia are both home to fake and unverified information. But on the dark net, clicking on fake links has real consequences.

You have been warned!

  1. DuckDuckGo

The DuckDuckGo as we know it is a search engine but on the dark net you will see that the DuckDuckGo is actually a private browsing tool that allows you to bring up onion links and search for dark web links. The great thing about both the dark and the regular version of DuckDuckGo is that there is no record of what you were searching for, once you are done. This is especially useful when you are browsing the dark net is countries where the concept of free media is not received well. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by using DuckDuckGo.

  1. Tunnels 

There are many strange things you can find on the dark net but the Tunnels website is by far the strangest of them all. This website is used by ‘adventurers’ who dug the tunnel systems that exist in America’s largest university. These mysterious tunnels are both illegal and dangerous and that is about all we know of the tunnels. You will never hear of them on the surface web, and wouldn’t you want to know why?

The dark net is actually home to a lot of blogs and articles about things that mainstream media wants to keep hidden. This is why it is such a great place for research because there is no censorship.

  1. Deep Web Radio 

The Deep Web Radio is a popular website on the dark net used to explore new music. This digital radio station gives you access to eleven different channels. And allows you to listen to different genres and artists. There are many great artists you can discover and unreleased or leaked tracks that you can listen to on this website.

A great pick for music lovers.

Have you ever wanted to listen to Taylor Swift’s Speak Now demo records from before there were any ‘Vault Tracks’? Well, the dark net is exactly the place for it.

  1. Imperial Library 

The Imperial Library is one of the most popular dark web links. Now you can access 400,000 books online. The possibilities are endless with various genres, authors, and languages covered. The copyright infringement makes this a site you can get into trouble for using. But if you got to read Midnight Sun before everyone else, isn’t it worth it?

Do you live in a Muslim regime and wish to read Salman Rushdie’s controversial books? You are going to need an Imperial Library card.

  1. Sci-Hub

The Sci-Hub is another popular dark web link that gives you access to a variety of scientific papers, journals, and documents for free. This is a great tool for students and academics who are not willing to pay the hefty fees associated with putting journals behind a paywall. The open-access Sci-Hub also YouTube tread and download resources.

Is this legal? 

Well, some might argue that reading research papers for free shouldn’t have the same jail time as sexual assault but it is not unheard of. In many countries, it is a violation of the copyright restrictions so we would suggest applying caution.

  1. ProPublica

ProPublica is a non-profit, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism outlet that provides content on the issues of power, politics, and the like. The ProPublica is known for its investigative journalism and is commended for its readership. Of course, one of the reasons for the quality of ProPublica is that the dark web is a place for readers to access content without being tracked as well as a place for content to be shared anonymously. A lot of issues can be discussed openly and that is why it is a great site for whistleblowers. If you are involved in an investigation and have something valuable to share but want to do so anonymously, ProPublica is where you go to that.

  1. Impreza Hosting

The dark net is home to many important sites, one of them being the Impreza Hosting. This website allows you to access secure and anonymous hosting. You can start your own dark net website with this hosting service. There are many services offered, including but not limited to registered domains, hosting, and running website operations. The Impreza Hosting is like the GoDaddy of the darknet.

  1. Tor Links

If you are browsing the dark net you will sooner or later need a director of .onion links. The great thing about Tor Links is that it is a backup directory that has a record of links that you can access in case other directories are removed. Tor websites are always under threat because the dark net is a volatile space. Backup websites are quite common on the dark net.


There are many threats to websites on the dark net. There are many restrictions that websites and directories have to face, so it is common for certain websites to disappear once in a while. They do come back up. is a tool that you can use to monitor the uptime of different websites. You can check accurate URLs for websites. This is a great place to find authentic onion links and to double-check so as to avoid phishing and scams.

  1. Facebook

Of course, the dark net has a Facebook. How could it not?

There are many countries where Facebook as they know it is one of the onion links. This version of Facebook was created to provide a social network in repressive regimes where it can prove to be a useful link with the outside world. The darknet version of Facebook serves the same purpose as the regular Facebook; connecting with people around the world.

Is it safe to use? 

Well, regular Facebook isn’t the best example of privacy, so I bet one of the dark web links isn’t a great place to make ‘friends’. Be safe out there.

  1. ZeroBin 

Speaking of making friends. ZeroBin is a great platform for communication in a safe and secure way on the dark net. The dark net is not 100% private and if you want to be extra efficient in covering your tracks you might want to use ZeroBin’s encrypted channels for communication that are completely hidden from third parties due to encryption. The password-protected messages are designed to self-destruct after they have been received and read. The detail put into this platform in terms of privacy is astounding.

  1. CIA 

Did you know that the CIA is also one of the onion links? The CIA has provided a platform for people to report crime without their identity being compromised. The great thing about the CIA website is that you can access it without anyone raising an eyebrow. With an entire library of declassified documents, references, maps, and documents, the CIA’s repository is perfect for any anonymous sleuthing you have in mind.

  1. BBC Tor Mirror

Just like Facebook and Wikipedia, the BBC has a Tor version that provides news services to certain parts of the world where the media is not as free and unbiased as it should be. There are many people living under repressive regimes with no access to independent media or for that matter international news. As BBC Tor Mirror is a news services provider for those who are living under strict censorship laws, accessing this website may have legal consequences.

  1. SecureDrop

Another important Tor link that you need is SecureDrop which is a file-sharing service for those browsing dark web links. SecureDrop is a reliable service for whistleblowers to anonymously share files with media outlets. The files shared via SecureDrop are encrypted which is great for ensuring anonymity when using Onion links.

  1. ProtonMail

If you are looking for an email service for the dark net then you have to try out ProtonMail which is a Swiss-based encrypted email service. You can create an email without providing your personal information and use it to access onion links anonymously.

  1. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies 

As cryptocurrencies become more popular among the general public, the need for a dark net version of the website was felt. The dark net versions of these websites exist and with  HiddenWallet you can easily manage your transactions. The great thing about this tool is that you can get involved in crypto trading without having to worry about security and anonymity.

  1. Wasabi Wallet

Another great tool for anonymity when using onion links is the Wasabi Wallet. This cryptocurrency wallet is great for trading and allows you to make transactions safely on the darknet. This tool isn’t free, so you will incur a fee, every time you make a transaction. But it is reliable and all your transactions will be anonymous when browsing dark web links.



What can you find on the dark net?

The dark net is home to a great many things. You may find illicit content and illegal activity taking place on the dark net. The dark net is used for the sale and purchase of drugs, weapons, and more. The darknet is home to a lot of information such as articles, blogs, public records, and images on the darknet that you cannot find on the surface web


Is the dark net 95% of the internet?

Despite being a vast sea of obscure knowledge. A market for contraband items, and anonymous forums. The dark net is actually only .01 percent of the World Wide Web. The deep web is 90% of the World Wide Web and the darknet is a small part of it.


What is the dark net used for most?

The dark net is used for anonymous browsing and to share content without having to face government censorship. It is home to legal and illegal content which can be accessed anonymously.


Who owns the dark net?

The dark net was created by the US government to allow the exchange of information anonymously. The darknet can be accessed by the Tor (The Onion Router) which was created by US military researchers in the 1990s so that the public can access the Onion links as well.


How to tell if you are on the dark net? 

The dark net can be accessed through the Tor browser. If you are using links that end with .onion you are using the safe dark net links. Unsafe dark net links are made up of symbols and numbers, unlike the links on the surface web. Wondering if other people know that you’re on the dark met? You can use the ‘Have I been Pwned’ website to see your activity or misuse of your information on the dark net.


What happened to the Silk Road?

The Silk Road was a popular .onion site that was used for buying and selling illicit goods on the dark net. This website was shut down by the FBI in 2013.


Is the dark net safe to use? 

The dark net isn’t the safest place to be. When using the dark net make sure to use VPN and an Antivirus. We also recommend not using your regular email and not providing personal information at any step.


Can you buy and sell on the dark net? 

The dark net is home to online stores and marketplaces of a wide variety. You can buy and sell products and services easily. Cryptocurrency is commonly used instead of regular money. Online credit cards and digital wallets that do not use personal information are used when making a transaction.


Is the dark net illegal? 

The dark net is not illegal (in most countries). There might be illegal activity on the dark net but simply browsing the dark net is not an offense. We recommend being cautious when browsing the dark net.


Is the dark net real? 

The dark net is a small part of the deep web. You might think that the dark net isn’t real because you can’t seem to Google it. But in fact, the dark. Web as we know it can only be accessed through the Tor browser.


The dark net is a part of the World Wide Web that we cannot access through regular browsers. The dark net consists of websites that oftentimes border on dangerous and disturbing but are also sometimes informative and useful. This is not to say that all dark web links are problematic.

There are many governments and corporations that are at play when it comes to controlling the media. The dark net plays an important role in dispersing information without censorship to the masses. It is especially useful in countries where repressive regimes have limited access to international news, world affairs, social networking, and more.

Many use the dark net as a place to simply access academic material without having to pay a great deal for it. Not all the illegal activities going on the dark net are immoral. There are many who use the dark net to download expensive college textbooks or want to read literature that is banned in their country through Onion links.

The dark net can be browsed safely if you take certain precautions and do your research. With the right tools, you can prowl the dark net and come out of it unscathed. So download your VPN, upgrade your Antivirus, and enjoy exploring the .01 % of the World Wide Web.